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The Druids devised the latest solution, tapping into the power of the injured World Tree to create the Trees of Life. By enchanting the petrified Acorns of the First Tree and weaving mighty rituals of revitalization and rebirth, they were able to create anchors for dead souls, drawing them back to the Tree and miraculously crafting a new body for them. There is one drawback, however - the rituals actually draw slightly on the power of the Black, and each time a soul respawns, a tiny amount of Dark Energy is introduced to the world. This "bleed through" of negative energy accounts for the Death Shroud effect, and some believe it occasionally infects unborn Humans, transforming them into Shades. The Druids found a loophole in the Net, if you will, and so now the Black, deprived of sustenance, has its potential conduit. The more people die and are respawned, the stronger the Dark becomes on Aerynth, and the more the Net is weakened. In addition, the Cold Spawn of the Mother of Winter are working to destroy Binding Sigils on the fragments of Aerynth, hoping to pave the way for the Null"

- The Void
A Tree of Life under the effects of a bane circle
A Tree of Life (also called ToL, or just "tree") is a city asset that houses a runemaster and enables a guild to protect a limited number of buildings from any harm. If a guild leader obtains a realm, the guild's Tree of Life will become surrounded by a palace. If a Tree of Life is destroyed by an opposing force during a bane, the city anchored to it is lost or captured.

Rank Chart

Ranking up your Tree of Life is very important for city longevity and defense. This rank appears on the world map, therefore a weak tree of life may tell others you are an easy target for banes.

Tree Rank Upgrade Cost Health * Upgrade Time Maintenance Cost Mine Limit
1 none 80,000 none /week 1
2 1,320,000 gold 150,000 1,570,000 gold/week 2
3 2,200,000 gold 220,000 1,670,000 gold/week 3
4 3,080,000 gold 290,000 84,000 gold/week 4
5 3,960,000 gold 360,000 132,000 gold/week 5
6 4,840,000 gold 430,000 6 days 156,000 gold/week 6
7 5,720,000 gold 500,000 7 days 2,570,000 gold/week 7
8 see Realm and Rulership /week 8
* Note: The health value on the tree of life (as well as all other assets in a city) can be lowered by a mercantile charter and increased by a belligerent charter.

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