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The Bounty System. This system utilizes our Sequential Mob Spawn system. Within Khan'Ov Srekel, Erkeng Hold, Aeldreth Havens, Sea Dog's Rest, Perdition, Bastion and the Sanctuary south of the Oblivion Gate you will now find Bondsman. These Bondsman's will sell Bounties which will trigger events, over 130 events have been created.

Bounties are contracts you can purchase to start an event. The Bounty will detail the mob and location you need to find and kill. Once you have reached the location, execute the contract and the event will begin. Each Bounty event will drop Bounty Satchels, which have a chance to drop rewards and gold.

There are 4 levels of Bounties with cost ranging from 10k-300k

  • Adept - Main reward large XP. Suggested Level R4/R5
  • Veteran - Main reward Agate. Suggested Level R6+
  • Veteran Challenge - Main rewards resources, racial hirelings. Suggested Level R6+, multiple characters
  • Veteran Raid - Main rewards resources, offerings and racial hirelings. Suggested Level R7+, multiple characters

Sullivan Oakenbrow, the Aeldreth Havens Bondsman
Sayid, the Khan'Ov Srekel Bondsman
Peyton Shallows, the Sea Dog's Rest Bondsman
Voice of Voth'ss - Lubaan Tun Bounty Event