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What Does Morloch Wiki Need?

Here are several places that need help!
Cleanup Pages See Category:Cleanup for pages flagged as needing formatting and filling out.
WIP Pages See Category:WIP for pages flagged as work in progress. To add a page to this list, add {{WIP}} to the top.
Wanted Pages See Special:WantedPages for pages that have been linked to, but don't exist. Don't forget to add the appropriate category!
Needed Images See Category:Needs Image for pages that need new or updated images from in-game.


  • Racial Image Updates: User:Candi is colorizing Chronicle artwork, and User:Rewen will be adding in-game cutouts of new characters in starter gear for the race pages.
  • Overhaul Base Class pages.
  • Consolidate and overhaul weapon skill and weapons mastery navigation.
  • Consolidate focus skills into one article.
  • Collect images of weapons for weapon pages.
  • Minor Characters and Places: Working on sifting through the lore of all proper nouns that are not big enough characters to have their own page.
  • City Building Guide: Add advice on city defense and protection.
  • Weapon Pages: User:Colest is working on uploading stats for each weapon in the game.
  • Category:Comics: Finish uploading and adding Shadowbane Tales and other comics.

Long-Term WIP Projects

  • Coordfinder: JavaScript form to find an exact location using in-game coords. Export link/image so it can be linked in a third party chat, etc.
  • Character Builder: User:Daymar is working on implementing Pyetrek's Character Calculator on the SBE website so it is up-to date with the current patch.
    • Export and permalink feature for character builder.
  • Gear Planner: JavaScript form to select and filter available enchantments based on the base item.