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Sentinel Templates are user-created character building instructions for Sentinels. They are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.


Proccing Sent

By Beula (Source)

Author's Comments

"I had a toon similar to this on the live servers without the resource rolled gear though. I ran him in full vorg because it's what I had. This guy is not a serious killing machine but he can dish out some major damage, when you're lucky. Figured I'd post it up so that anyone who wanted to give it a go could see how I did it. I tried to rebuild him from memory on the Arkanis's Character Creator Spread Sheet so the numbers are probably a tad off. The whole purpose of the toon is to deal massive burst damage to low def characters. I never took this guy to massive GvG only smaller things like 3v3 and whatnot. Avoid high def characters!

PS: Don't take this too seriously :)

-- Belua

Character Creation

In-Game Runes

Stats at Level 75

  • Str: 40 (add 0)
  • Dex: 73 (add 23) These can be put in spi if you want less atr/def and more mana
  • Con: 130 (add 82)
  • Int: 140 (add 92)
  • Spi: 30 (add 0)

Training Point Allocation

  • Dagger: 152% (126 trains)
  • Abjuration: 129% (90 trains)
  • Heavy Armor: 150% (130 trains)
  • Dangriel's Might: 40 points
  • Righteous Word of Binding: 40 points
  • Holy Word of Binding: 40 points
  • Sentinel's Charge: 40 points
  • Divine Word of Binding: 1 point
  • Noble Inspiration: 1 point
  • Consecrate Weapon: 20 points
  • Nyth Rune: 20 points
  • Runecaster resistance buffs optional (if you want one, just take points from dagger or heavy armor)

Recommended Gear

  • Jewelery: 24 intelligence, 35% mana recovery rings and necklace
  • Armor: All Sentinel Armor with +9 defense and whatever prefix you want (except boots which are windlords and Gloves which are +12 dexterity)
  • Weapons: Peerless Throwing Daggers of Truth


  • HP: 3589
  • Mana: 658
  • Stamina: 343
  • Str: 95
  • Dex: 98
  • Con: 191
  • Int: 267
  • Spi: 85
  • Weapon ATR: 991
  • Weapon DMG: 30-109
  • Spell ATR: 1294
  • Righteous Word of Binding DMG: 250-951 (with Dangriel's Might)
  • Consecrate Weapon Proc DMG: 293-978 (According to Spread Sheet)
  • Defense: 1770

(statistics recorded with Concoction Potion buffs and in Defense Stance)

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