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Patch 5.5 was released to live servers on 4/18/2005


  • Vilmarion the (Elven) Builder has been increased to Rank 7
  • Reduced the respawn timer on Discipline droppers to 3 hours


  • Fixed the duration on the Nightstalker's 'Nerve Strike' power
  • Ranger's 'Bite of the Pack' will no longer overwrite other damage buffs of the same rank
  • Confessors now receive the Sword Skill at promotion
  • Confessor health and mana transfers are now more efficient
  • Confessor recast timers for health drains have been reduced
  • Crusaders can now wear the All-Father Acolyte Hood, All-Father High Priest Hood, and All-Father Initiate Hood
  • The Offensive and Precise Stance for Crusaders has been adjusted
  • Reduced the recast time for the Confessor's 'Blood of the Righteous'
  • The Fury spell 'Draw Nature's Fury' has been moved from the Sorcery to Stormcalling focus line
  • Furies are now granted natural flight
  • The Offensive Stance of the Fury has been increased while the precise stance has been decreased
  • The Nightstalker's 'Fortified Soul' now blocks drains powers
  • Nightstalkers now have access to the Blademaster Discipline
  • Warriors now get the Staff Skill at Level 10 and Staff Mastery at Level 15
  • Rangers now get Herblore automatically mastered at Level 36
  • Increased the Rangers Axe and Staff Powers
  • Removed the Ranger's 'Serpent's Bite' and 'Grace of the Stag'
  • Added an Attack Speed buff to the Ranger's 'Lion's Bite' and renamed it 'Braialla's Zeal'
  • Added a Dexterity Buff to the Ranger's 'Strength of the Bear', made it stackable, and changed the name to 'Braialla's Power'
  • Added a Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity Buff to the Ranger's 'Wolfskin' power as well as a health and stamina heal
  • Barbarian Storm Lords can now use the Fury's Lightning Spear
  • Doomsayer 'Dread Curse of Veshteroth now effects Bloodcraft, Exorcism, and Necromancy
  • Warriors have been granted Staff and Staff Mastery


  • The Sapper Power 'Balefume' will now effect everyone, including the caster
  • The Belgosch's power 'Crimson Feast' is now mage only
  • The Strigoi power 'Find Grave' has been updated to reflect it is for use on a player's grave
  • The Traveler Power 'Recall to Runegate' will no longer send players to Maelstrom or Oblivion
  • Giant Killers now have a new power that boosts their Strength and decreases their Attack Speed so they will attack more rapidly
  • Removed the Giant Requirement from the Giant Killer's Snare power
  • Added a Dispel Constitution Buff to the Giant Killer's Great Axe Weapon Powers; this will only dispel a buff with equal or less trains in it than the Weapon Power and only effects Single Target and Group Buffs (i.e., not personal buffs).
  • Wyrmslayers have been granted a new weapon power that snares the target and placed a damage over time effect on them
  • Added an Attack Speed Buff power to Wyrmslayers
  • Created a Wyrmslayer-only spear
  • The Storm Lord's 'Call Lightning' is now a Point-blank Area of Effect power
  • Changed the Storm Lord's 'Defy the Sky's Fury' to be a single target power instead of selfcast
  • The Strigoi Power 'Feral Fury' has been changed to selfcast only
  • Reduced the casting time on the Battle Magus's 'Skirmish Counterspell' power

Territorial Control

  • Fixed an issue where Game Master and NPC Trees of Life were being counted towards the Territorial Limit


  • Changing Guild Leadership will no longer adversely effect Mine Ownership
  • Nation and guild Crests will now dynamically update to those around when a guild changes status such as swearing to another guild or planting a Tree of Life
  • The Refiner can now untrain Stat Points
  • The Tears of Seadron have been upgraded to remove Stat Runes
  • Pet buffs will no longer work on Siege Engines
  • Players can no longer log off and then back in a Bulwark
  • You can no longer abandon Buildings of War
  • Siege Tents can no longer be placed inside the city limits by an attacking Nation


  • Added the new Alchemy System
  • Potions are now random drops on monster kills
  • Potions can be crafted Alchemist Hireling which can be placed in a Magic Shop
  • Creating uniquely named items will now only cost 10x gold, not 10x gold and 10x resources
  • Redesigned the Hireling Inventory Management Window to include a new "Junk All" button
  • Mithril will now drop on random mobs on Maelstrom and Oblivion
  • Rovayle and Psion Cloth Armor Boots can now be created with the Windlord magical effect
  • Added a Confirmation for when a player attempts to cancel an item being crafted by an Hireling to inform them that they will lose any resources spent
  • Added a pair of pants to the Huntress armor set


  • Implemented limitations on how much gold can be placed on a character or structure. Any amounts over these limits will be removed. Note that the Test Server limits will be double that listed below.
    • Player Inventory: 10,000,000
    • Player Bank: 25,000,000
    • Player Structure: 15,000,000
    • Warehouse: 100,000,000
  • Implemented a limit of 200 items a Hireling can carry in their Inventory; all inventories are grandfathered in so if a Hireling has more than 200 items they will not disappear but new items cannot be placed on a Hireling until they go below 200 items.


  • Implemented Looking for Group and Looking for Guild flags. These are accessible in the Group and Guild Menus or by typing "/lfg" (Looking for Group) and "/lfgu" (Looking for Guild)
  • Added the new Hotbar that can be toggled on and off under the Windows menu
  • The current and maximum weight of a player's Bank will now be displayed
  • Damage Absorbers and Fortitude Powers no longer stack
  • All item icons are the same size
  • Added weight to all items
  • Updated the Group Menu (not Window) to allow the changing of Group Leaders even if the Group Window is not open
  • Fixed an synch issue with players who die while flying
  • Changed the Staff Power 'Spoke and the Wheel' to a bludgeon expose
  • Added an Oblivion Guild Charter
  • Made various improvements to how the server handles memory
  • Made various improvements on the client's memory management
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Added Two Year Anniversary Gifts... but you can't see them yet!

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