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Gaining levels in Shadowbane is accomplished mostly through finding mob camps in adventure zones. Each kill of a mob will net a certain amount of experience toward your next level.

How Does Leveling Work?
Main article: Experience Point

Killing mobs around your level nets the most experience. High disparities between player and mob level can be somewhat bridged with the Commander disipline's Leadership skill.

Gathering players in a group imposes a slight penalty to this experience, but that penalty is easily surpassed if all group members are participating in the fight. Players will receive experience if they are in visual range of the kill, even if they did not participate in the fight.


Power leveling is a strategy wherein a high-level player groups with one or more lower-level players to help them gain expierence quickly and easily. This is often done with a macro (such as AGC) while the high-level player is AFK. Power leveling groups are vulnerable to PvP opportunists: A single Grounding Shot is enough to prematurely end most power-leveling groups!

Where Should I Go?

The fastest pace of leveling is achieved when killing mobs close to your level. Find such zones in this list.

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