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Equipment (or gear) is anything that can be equipped by a character. This includes weapons, armor, and jewelry. Use the navigation box below to browse all available equipment.

How to Obtain

  • Low-level characters may obtain free sets of equipment at the Newbie Isle safehold cities.
  • High-level characters may obtain sets of sub-par gear from Sea Dog's Rest
  • All mobs (monsters) in the game have a small chance to drop equipment with random bonuses, and those in Hot Zones may even drop special, unique equipment.
  • Player cities can be used to create most types of gear.


Main article: Enchantment

Every piece of equipment may be enchanted with special effects that add to its base stats, or even provide completely different bonuses. When a piece of gear is enchanted, it is called magic and will have a blue name.

Shadowbane Equipment

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