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To support the large amount of players in-game, Shadowbane needs large-scale game worlds, and servers to connect players to those worlds. Sometimes a game features a universe which is copied onto different servers, separating players, and this is called a "sharded" universe. Each server does not necessarily need to be identical and in the case of Shadowbane, not all servers are. As of Summer 2009, all official Shadowbane servers were closed.

Server Types

Last Servers

On March 20th 2008, all the old active servers were retired and Shadowbane was rebooted after a five day maintenance. On March 25th, the five year anniversary of Shadowbane, three new servers were created, two ARAC servers and a lore server.

Retired Servers

Due to player attrition and staleness many servers were retired and taken offline. Below is a list of those servers:

Beta Servers

Below is a list of servers from the Shadowbane betas: