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This region is properly known as the Dalgoth Marches, named for the city of Dalgoth. Dalgoth is the seat of the Holy Patriarch, and the city serves as the center of the Holy Church's power on Aerynth. The Turning cut Dalgoth off from the rest of the Church's dominions, and unrest plagues these lands.

Mapset: Dalgoth
Launch Date: February 24th, 2005
Status: Retired
Special Conditions: Guild Favor Bonus, Advanced City Maintenance, ARAC
Other Information: Characters from other worlds were allowed to migrate here with only their equipped items.
Siege Windows of Opportunity: From 12 AM to 8 AM CST (17-13 GMT)
Mine Windows of Opportunity: From 11 AM to 8 AM CST (16-13 GMT)

Politics current and history:

Redemption was originally a response to the influx of pac rim players to US time zone and European time zone servers after Pac Rim servers/providers were closed. Many of these players were injected into Entropy server, and the differing time zones caused a lot of disruption of play. Redemption was one of two new servers created to allow Entropy players and other players to choose a time zone situation to play in. A large component of the Pac Rim players chose redemption to migrate too, as well as a smaller but still significant faction of NA/Euro players, split between PK guilds who chose to be enemies of the largest Pac Rim nation and Carebear guilds/guilds friendly to the largest pac rim nation.

Redemption is currently polarized between these two factions. HoD (main pac rim nation), Clan of the Dark Raven, Mackie's Best, and Chosen's Army are a large pac rim/American alliance which controls approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the map. War Machine, New Farmers, Black Sun II, and Heart of War (anti-HoD pac rim nation) control most of the remaining trees and are allied against the HoD nations.

Sadly, one of the things which made Shadowbane a vibrant and lively game, the large number of independant trees and small nations, has been destroyed by this polarization. HoD and allies continue to absorb trees through superior numbers ("the zerg") which for the most part afterward contain a very small number of binds (1-2 characters often) and are for most purposes dead.