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This guide will show you how to play Shadowbane as soon as possible. It is designed for everyone, from complete newbies to veteran players alike.

This article is for Mac users. For PC install instructions, see Getting Started.


Step 1: Account Creation

You must have a forum account to play the game. You don't have to post or interact with the community if you don't want to, but you need a working account! The username and password you create will also be your login ID and password for the game itself. Click below to register.

Click here to Register


  1. Click the Register button above.
  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter your user name of choice, then fill out other details. You'll need to validate your email address before the account is activated.
  4. Once your account is active, you'll be able to post on the forums, but that is not required for playing the game.

Step 2: Download
Click here to Download

MAC Download

Note: If you are a PC user or are playing Shadowbane through a Windows Operating System via a multi-booting computer, please see PC Setup instead.
  1. Click here to download the Shadowbane client and launcher bundle ZIP file. (If you have played Shadowbane Emulator recently, you don't need to download a new client. Just download the new launcher here)
  2. Install Wineskin if you don't already have it on your Mac. For more detailed instructions than listed here and to download Wineskin free, go to this link.
  3. Download Wineskin Winery, run it, use the update button in there to get the latest master wrapper and download whatever engine you want. Always try the newest Wine version builds first.
  4. Once you have an engine and a wrapper, select the engine you want and hit the "create wrapper" button and name it whatever you want. It will create and place a wrapper named that in your home folders Application folder under a subfolder called Wineskin. When it is created, you'll have the option to open it directly in Finder for you.
  5. Once the wrapper is created, you can start getting Shadowbane into it. The main configuration utility for the wrapper is called Right click the new wrapper you made and select "show package contents" and you'll find and the drive_c folder that will be treated as the C: drive for anything run in this wrapper.
  6. Right-click the compressed file.
  7. Once the wrapper is set up and works, create a shortcut to your desktop, or drag the Hurlbat icon to your dock. Double click and run it like any other Mac application.

Step 3: Play

Now that you have the launcher, its time to boot it up! To create a fair gane environment, players must associate their computer with their account. This ensures that the game knows the difference between your main window and your alternate characters if you choose to multibox.

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