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Map of Hengest

You stand in Hengest, stranger. Be welcome. Here Hengest the Heavy settled of old. This land was given him from Thane Stark in Starkholm, and to this day the people of this village are loyal to Starkholm. In times past we raised sheep and oxen, and brewed the finest mead known to any Northman! Alas, the winters have grown long and bleak, and the Dark Folk slaughter all our stock. Hunger has driven them down from the mountains, to linger at our doors like wolves. Arm yourself here, and go drive them back!

- Davos, Runemaster of Hengest

Hengest is a starting zone safe hold unique to the Vorringia mapset.


Hengest is located on the island of Uthgaard in the northwesternmost corner.

Class Trainer Availability

Hengest is home to a Healer, Fighter, Mage, and Rogue trainer.

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