Hamlet of Galmord

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Map of Galmord

Well met, stranger. Galmord was once this town's name, back before the Turning, when the world was broken and the Age of Strife was born. Once this was a thriving town, a stop for pilgrims on their way to Wanford or Dalgoth, but hordes of angry dead burned the place to the ground nearly a century ago. We're trying to rebuild, to start over, but now foul creatures and brigands are rising in the Outlands, and our new livelihoods are threatened. I hope you've come ready for battle...

- Columba, Runemaster of the Hamlet of Galmord

Hamlet of Galmord is a starting zone safe hold unique to the Dalgoth mapset.


Hamlet of Galmord is located on Haven Isle to the northwest.

Class Trainer Availability

Hamlet of Galmord is home to a Healer, Fighter, Mage, and Rogue trainer.