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Below, you will find a selection of user-created character templates for Druids. Character templates are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.



Universal Centaur Druid

By Thetoad
This is not a specialized build but is good for many situations: farming, bane/mine (not nice for ninja claimers), heal support and GVG.

Reccomended Gear
Armor: Centaur LA 442 and Velvet Hood +10 Con +10 Int +30Hr
Weapons: Gilded Scepter +10 Int +10 Int +30Mr (or +150 atr +10 int if you go for PvP against defense toons), Shield +30 light def +3passive def 95%
Jewelry: 2 Lapis of Nature Lore Rings, 1 Lapis of Genius Collar (or Con/Int and resist(Mental/Light) for bane)

Training Point Distribution

  • Light Armor 100%
  • Block 95% (or more if you have points left)
  • Benediction 69% (for summon)
  • Nature Lore 130%
  • Benediction 74% (or more)
  • Blessed Mending GM (40)
  • Prayer of Mending GM
  • Blessing of the Grove GM
  • Braialla's Kiss 1
  • Raptor's Cloak 1
  • Call Lighting GM
  • Hedge of Thorns GM
  • Blight GM
  • Grasp of Thorns GM
  • EarthQuake 20
  • Oaken Flesh 14
  • Cloak of Thorns 1 (optional)
  • Resist Venom 1
  • Other points left for your discipline training

Human PvP Druid

By Rewen
Race: Human
Base Class: Healer
Prestige Class: Druid
Starting Runes:

Wizard's Apprentice
Brilliant Mind
Born of the Irydnu

In-game Rune:
+40 Int (Intelligence of the Gods)
Rest into con, step up with runes as needed.

Discipline Runes:

2x Int + Nature Lore Rings

(Exchange for Resist of Nature lore as appropriate)

Charmed of Nature Lore Amulet
Shield: +30 Resist +3 Passive Defense, or 30 Resist 15 Resist
Full resist 66% LA
ATR of Genius Gilded Scepter

LA: 100%
Block: 100%
Benediction: 69%
Restoration: 100% (All leftover points)
Nature Lore: Gold

Blessed Mending: GM
Prayer of Mending: 1
Blessing of the Grove: GM
Raptor Cloak: 1
Call Lighting: GM
Hedge of Thorns: GM
Blight: GM
Grasp of Thorns: GM
Earthquake: 1
Oaken Flesh: GM
Cloak of Thorns: 1
Resist Venom: 1

Sanctify the Fallen: 1
Traveler Powers: 6 (optional)
Hunting Hound: 1 (for AoE target)

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