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This page organizes all tool tips being used on this Wiki.

Each tooltip consists of 2 templates and a block of CSS code. There is a BASE template and an APPLICATION template. The BASE template defines what the tool tip looks like. the APPLICATION template defines what the trigger looks like.

Template markup is case sensitive. {{shadowbolt}} is not the same as {{ShadowBolt}}.

Item Tooltips

Before certain advancements in my template writing skills, I had to create separate sub templates for different item categories.

These templates are used by nesting the base template inside the {{item}} template like so:

{{item|Hand Axe|
|title=Hand Axe
|damage=One Hand Slashing Damage: 3 - 12
|class=Axe Class - Axe Mastery Subclass
|speed=Slow Attack Speed (45.0)
|skill=Axe 25
  • The above code procures this result:
Hand Axe

Hand Axe
One Hand Slashing Damage: 3 - 12
Axe Class - Axe Mastery Subclass
Slow Attack Speed (45.0)
Skill Requirement: Axe 25%
Durability: 27 of 27
Weight: 5

Power Tooltips

A tooltip for a castable power found in the game.

  • BASE: {{powertt}}
  • APP: The application templates for powers have a separate template for each since these will be linked many places throughout the wiki. To link to a power, simply use its name without any spaces.
  • Example: To link to the Assassin power Shadow Bolt, one would simply enter {{ShadowBolt}} (case sensitive), which would produce the following:
Shadow Bolt

Shadow Bolt
Single Target Cold Damage and Stun

Current Power Rank: Grand Master: (40)
Attack Rating 1000
Cold Damage 100 - 200
Target is Stunned
Duration: 3.00 seconds
Mana Cost: 40
Prerequisites: Level 10, Skill: Shadowmastery 15


Map Tooltips

The map tooltip generates a map of Vorringia and places a pin in a spot defined by the template parameters.

  • BASE: {{mapmark}}
  • APP: {{map}} - Undefined Parameters. First coordinate (measures vertical position) and second coordinate (measures horizontal position).
  • Example: (63471, 52976
    Map Marker



Misc Tooltips

Enchantment Vendor List

For enchantments which are restricted based on vendor type.

  • BASE: {{enchanttip}}
  • APP: {{contract}} - Undefined parameters. Use the names of races separated with <br> tags to produce a vertical list of vendor races.