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A rune is a type of item found in Shadowbane that permanently enhances player abilities.

Discipline Runes

Discipline Runes grant a player additional Powers and Focus. These types of runes drop on a set schedule from specific mobs in the world, and are announced to the entire server.

"Stat" Runes

Statistic Runes increase the player's current and maximum attribute values. Stat runes can increase the maximum attribute value by 5 to 40 points (in increments of 5). These runes are found as random drops from most mobs in the world.

The best and rarest of statistic runes, which increase an attribute's maximum by 40 points, are announced to the entire server when they do happen to drop.

Mastery Runes

Mastery Runes grant weapon mastery skills to classes that do not receive the skill as part of their normal class progression. These runes are also random drops from most mobs in the world.


  • Runes always weigh one unit each.
  • Runes may only be deleted if the player is standing in a safe zone.