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This skin was created after seeing the necessity of a more customizable interface. It was inspired by the Minimal Skin and was used as the original base for this skin. Here is a screenshot of Meekskin in-game. For more information and screenshots, please visit the Meekskin web page.



  • Added EDL
    • Elite drop locations are listed for Malog/Thurin and Saedron
  • 'Click Through' option for HP/Stam/Mana bars
    • Really fixed it this time!
    • Added an invisible option button on the bars located on the top left corner (useful when the bars are set to click through)
  • Updated the Meekmenu
    • Replaced old shortcuts with new useful ones in the Misc tab
    • Added a closing button (for those who don't know about ctrl+left_click)
  • Small group window update
    • Added tabs: Main, Form, Icons, and Blank
  • Assets Management window is now included
  • Item/Buy/Training window is now resizable
  • Corrected a few entries in the MDL
  • Reverted to the original graphic of the HP/Mana/Stam/XP bars
  • Created a right adjusted text chat window
  • Created an input-less text chat window
  • Added 6 new colors
    • Choose from Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Orange, and Teal.
  • 640x480 Custom Layout
    • Created a layout for this resolution. 640 x 480 can be set by running SbConfig.exe and setting display resolution at custom. This might be useful for those running numerous clients/bots in windowed mode. Note: not all windows will show up properly.


  • Made it Higher Resolution friendlier
    • Context text increased
    • Effects Icon size increased
    • Chat text input increased
    • Scroll/Closing/Resize buttons were revisited and adjusted
  • Fixed 'Click Through' option for HP/Stam/Mana bars
  • Updated old Quivent. to Qinvent. button on the Meek Menu
  • Added missing Disciplines to Macrozone locator


  • MDL -- My Discipline Locator -- A list of discpline droppers and trainers has been included in this release.
  • Macrozone Locator -- A map that finds the location of a macrozone by icon, it also shows which disciplines drop in that zone.
  • A Runegate Navigator included.
  • Included the Charter Wizard window (create guild/crest) to comply with Meekskin.
  • A few minor fixes that the default skin were faulty in. You may or may not notice them.
  • Other minor interface graphic/text fixes


  • New Group Window w/ bigger life bar and shortcut buttons.
  • Meek Menu with tab to toggle between common actions/commands.
  • Resist info made to only show symbols.
  • Selection window includes toon's HP, Mana, Stam, and XP bar; along with enemy's HP (biggest bar).
  • Resizable mini map.
  • Recently Killed By and Most Recent Kills window. It does not refresh in real-time, you need to open and close window via the Meek Menu to refresh.
  • Resizable Health / Stam / Mana Bars to fit any space you wish
  • Quiventory Window, a combination of your equipment and inventory to quickly allow switching/honing/enchanting weapons/armors/jewelry.
  • Custom Selection Window allows you to make up your own Selection Window(s), with most of it being resizable and draggable.
  • Fixed the 'target' commands in the original Target menu. Also added Next, Previous allies targets.
  • Improved the chat window by allowing more space for text.
  • The Track window no longer has the "track" button, to track a player just click on their name.
  • An 'Arcade' selection window was added.
  • A list of your Powers with small icons and text added.
  • and more...

These versions do not have the complete skinning for Maintenance/Forges/Nation-Guild Leader only windows due to inadequate access to such windows in-game.


Meekskin is available for download: Meekskin 1.3


Simply download to your Shadowbane 'Skins' folder. Do not extract the zip file. Then reload or load Shadowbane.

Now, to load the interface in-game first press escape to bring up the Main Menu, go to Settings and click 'Interface Skin.' Meekskin should appear on the list.

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