Lowered Guard

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"Weapon Power and Taunt"
Requires: Unarmed Combat Skill (60)

    • Granted: Level 1
    • Casting Time: 0.2 seconds
    • Recycle Time: 20.0 seconds
    • Generates Hate: High
    • Power User Requirements: Requires Sword weapon in right hand.
    • Mode Required: Combat Mode Only
    • Requires Hit Roll: No
    • Target and Range: Self/No target
    • Stackability: Cannot be stacked with other effects of type 'WeaponMove' (0)
    • Duration: 10 seconds
    • On Next Combat Swing Apply Power:
      • Casting Time: 0.2 seconds
      • Generates Hate: High
      • Target and Range: Monsters or Players (10 Units) -- Can affect caster and group members

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