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Glass Weapons are special weapons that can only be found on mob drops in hotzones, or on epic encounters. Glass weapons uniformly feature an increased attack rating bonus that is higher then any other available at a value of 175, a third-tier weapon proc enchantment, and require 110% skill for their use. The catch is that these weapons have low durability, and may be destroyed after death, glass weapons are not repairable.

Each weapon type, (including Blade Weaver Tlanarion swords and Blade Master Long Blade) has a glass counterpart, which is rendered in the shape of a resource-crafted weapon, but has a blue blade or attacking edge (to make it look as if it were glass).

All Glass weapon damage types were changed to Bleeding Damage, with the exception of the Glass Bow and the Glass Crossbow, which are Poison Damage.

Patch History

  • Glass weapons had their damage type changed in Patch 23
  • Glass weapons were added to the game in Patch 10

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