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Runegate portals can drastically cut travel time if you know how to use them, but they come with a bit of a learning curve.




To travel via runegate, one must have first applied the Traveler discipline rune and have trained all five of its "open gate" powers: air, earth, water, fire and spirit.

Gate Types

Universal Gates

Runegate Gate Identification
These gates are open to all players.
  • Chaos Gate, which is multi-colored and leads to Maelstrom's "Maelstrom's Eye" gate.
  • Death Gate, which is black and leads to Oblivion's "Doomgate".
  • Law Gate, which is white and leads to Aeldreth Havens (Sea Dog's Rest on Saedron), unless you are already there, in which case, it leads to Terminus.

Traveler Gates

When a traveler casts the corresponding "open gate" power, a temporary portal will open. These portals lead to other runegates throughout the world. Sometimes it will be necessary to open one a gate, and then open another one at the new location to reach your destination.


Vorringia Runegates

Use the list below and color-coordinated map to see where each one will take you.

  • Air Gate, which is light blue and is marked with an Elf symbol. Elf Runestone
  • Earth Gate, which is green and is marked with a Dwarf symbol. Dwarf Runestone
  • Fire Gate, which is red and is marked with an Irekei symbol. Irekei Runestone
  • Spirit Gate, which is yellow and is marked with an Centaur symbol. Centaur Runestone
  • Water Gate, which is dark blue and is marked with a Human symbol. Human Runestone

As you can see, there are three gate circuits. We have named them "the Gate Circuit", "the Ring Circuit", and "the Eye Circuit". All three systems converge on Terminus Island, where there is one gate from each circuit.

Law Gate

Accessible from all other runegates via the Law portal.
Located at Aeldreth Havens (or Sea Dogs Rest on the Vorringia_(modified) map.)

  • Law--> Terminus Eye (Outland set)
  • Earth--> Ulwer's Gate (Mainland set)
  • Air--> Kestor's Gate (Mainland set)
  • Fire--> Dragon's Eye (Outland set)
  • Water--> Erkenring (Iceland Set)
  • Spirit--> Vander's Gate (Mainland set, Terminus Isle)

Mainland (Gate System)

  • Haldrom's Gate (Fire)
    • Northern Ulward
  • Ulwer's Gate (Earth)
    • Southwestern Braedoch
  • Nephram's Gate (Water)
    • Northern Aeglund
  • Kestor's Gate (Air)
    • Western Belendar
  • Vander's Gate (Spirit)
    • Western Terminus Isle

Iceland (Ring System)

  • Jarlsring (Fire)
    • Nordenthal East Island
  • Bergensring (Earth)
    • Western Hregenlund
  • Erkenring (Water)
    • Central Erkensnvaal
  • Nordenring (Air)
    • Northeastern Kralgaard
  • Fremderring (Spirit)
    • Northern Terminus Isle

Outland (Eye System)

  • Dragon's Eye (Fire)
    • Southeastern Adduram (Jov Hir'akar)
  • Doom's Eye (Earth)
    • Eastern Vandenoch (Vander's Doom)
  • Serpent's Eye (Water)
    • Southeaster Thollmar (The Sinking Isles)
  • Terminus Eye (Spirit)
    • Eastern Terminus Isle
  • Maelstrom's Eye (Air and Chaos)
    • Maelstrom, southeast of Pandemonium (accessible from any Chaos portal but part of the Outland set.)
  • Doomgate (Death)
    • Northern Oblivion (accessible from any Death portal but part of the Outland set.)


Terminus is a small island unique to the Vorringia mapset. This island is home to three runegates, and is an innovative part of the advanced Vorringia runegate system.

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