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A nation is the term given to a guild that has had one or more "sub guilds" (often called "subs") sworn under it.


  • Players in any guild of the nation may teleport to the other cities in their nation using the Tree of Life.
  • Players in the same nation may communicate with each other by use of the nation channel ("/n" or "/nation").
  • All nation members benefit from effects of sieges in which their nation is involved.
  • Nation members share the same allies and enemies list.
  • Nation members will show on each other's minimaps as green dots.

Additional Information

  • When becoming a subguild, the primary heraldry crest will change to the crest of the capitol city.
  • A nation may have no more than eight (8) subguilds.
  • The nation channel may also have a message of the day (MotD). It can only be set by the capitol city's inner council.
  • The mine windows of opportunity are uniform within a nation and may only be changed by the Nation Leader.
  • As a nation's subguilds obtain realms, the nation leader's title and name color will change.
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