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Map of Bastion

You have come unto Perdition, stranger! Here the True Gods are worshipped, and the Old Gods who have failed this world have been cast down. A new age is dawning, an age of Chaos, and this is the first manifestation of its coming. Look upon our glorious Tree, refined and perfected by the touch of Chaos! We seek to build a new life here, and eagerly await the day when the Dark Lords will return and reward our faith. Do as you will, for that is the only law we venerate here!

- Vekla, Runemaster of Perdition

Perdition is an NPC free hold city on all mapsets. Players may not teleport or repledge to Perdition. The city is themed after the Cult of the Scourge. It also serves as the home of the Conjurer and Darksworn trainers.


Perdition is located northeast of Pandemonium on the island of Maelstrom.

Non-Magic Armor

Perdition vendors sell full sets of non-magic 100% weapons and armor.



  • Nyril, Master Conjurer
  • Vacula, Master Darksworn


  • Gildenstern the Banker
  • Vekla the Runemaster


  • Simsal the Tailor
  • Valgir the Sage
  • Bran the Shieldsmith
  • Vlad the Medium Armorer
  • Boris the Heavy Armorer
  • Jack the Leatherworker
  • Siv the Bowyer
  • Nel the Spearsmith
  • Varth the Daggersmith
  • Icth the Hammersmith
  • Sacauragus the Swordsmith
  • Calatras the Axesmith