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Map of Jotunsgaard and Titanfell Peaks

Jotunsgaard and Titanfell Peaks are twin mountain-themed zones in Dalgoth, on Vorringheim. The zones are identical except for the presence of an epic encounter (Draug-Torvald) in Jotunsgaard. Jotunsgaard is located in the west central region, west of the Gravenstone gate, and southwest of The Woods of Hevralis. Titanfell Peaks is located in the northwestern region, southeast of G'harron's Reach and Kellast's gate.


Lore Description

Adventurer Level: 30 - 50
"These rough and inaccessible peaks are home to the Joten, mighty giants who have long warred with Men and Elves. Their strongholds tower on the highest mountains, and giant warriors stride the land, ready to crush their puny foes."

Discipline Runes

  • Valkyr: Vorrin's Doom
    • Jotunsgaard, 19037 x 87325
    • Titanfell Peaks, 65712 x 83826


Master of Great Axes
Master of Great Hammers



Resource Mine Products


Microzone Listing

  • 1: Mountain Shrine (R3)
  • 2: Trollgarth (R4-R5)
  • 3: Storm Giant Stronghold (R4-R5)
  • 4: Frost Drake Graveyard (Valkyr, R3-R6)
  • 5: Mountain Giant Territory (R4-R5)
  • 6: Cathedral Ruins (Giant Killer, R3-R4)
  • 7: Shaarduk Steading - (R3-R4)
  • 8: Ambiguous:
    • Titanfell Peaks: Dwarven Bastion (Forge Master, Giant Killer, and Clanwarden trainers, R3 mobs)
    • Jotunsgaard: Frykka's Triumph (Draug-Torvald, R4-R8)
  • 9: Frost Giant Hall (Rune Caster, R4-R6)
  • 10: Snowy Den (R4-R5)
  • 11: Ore Mine
  • 12: Griffon's Nest (R3)
  • 13: T'voll Den (R3-R5)
  • 14: Griffon's Aerie (R4)
  • 15: Arctic Campsite (R3)
  • 16: Titan's Skull (R3-R4)
  • 17: Ancient Castle (R4-R5)
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