Grimstaark Peaks

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Map of Grimstaark Peaks

Once these stark peaks were held by the Dar Khelegur, the hateful Ice Elves. Their empire is long since shattered, and now the fierce Snow Orcs of the north swarm over these peaks, combing the ancient ruins for long-lost treasures.

- Grimstaark Peaks

Grimstaark Peaks is a mountain-themed macrozone in Vorringia, on Uthgaard. It is, along with Huldrings Vald, one of the two macrozones immediately available to newly-created characters.

Microzone Listing

  • ?: Isolated Spawns (R1-R2)
  • 1: Snow Orc Villege (R1-R2)
  • 2: Snow Orc Shrine (R1)
  • 3: Snow Orc Watchpoint (R1)
  • 4: Minotaur Outpost (R1-R2)
  • 5: Old Wrecked Ships (R1-R2)
  • 6: Ice Troll (R0-R1)
  • 7: Snow Orc Outpost (R1)
  • 8: Snow Orc Watchtower (R1)
  • 9: Fallen Thurmvald (R1-R2)
  • 10: Ice Drake Lair (R1)
  • 11: Snow Orc Outpost (R1)
  • 12: Beast-kin Villege (R1-R2)
  • 13: Frost Son's Lair (R1)
  • 14: Snow Orc Fort (R1)
  • 15: Overlord Ruins (R1-R2)
  • 16: Trollspawn Cavern (R1)
  • 17: Fylgia Ruins (R1)
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