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The mystic arts are not forgotten here, good patron! Mystic talismans, powerful scrolls, and magical trinkets I have to sell, and will gladly buy any you might carry.

- Sage

Jewelry is a type of wearable item that has no base armor or attack value and is used primarily to hold specific item enchantments.


Jewelry comes in two categories: amulets and rings. Each player may equip one amulet and up to two rings.

There are no differences between base ring or amulet items other than appearance and base cost. For instance, a Signet Ring and a Twin Ring have different base costs, and have different appearances in the inventory, but are functionally identical apart from the enchantment prefixes and suffixes they contain.

List of Rings

Name Base Cost
Twin Ring 233 gold
Signet Ring 360 gold
That is all the rings there are.


Jewelry can be created at player-owned sages, purchased from Sea Dog's Rest, and found on mob corpses.

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