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WIP.png "What Class Should I Play?" is a work in progress.
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Shadowbane as a huge variety of race, class, and discipline combinations. Sometimes, all of these choices can be overwhelming for new players.

While jumping right in might be what some prefer, others like to do a little research first. The goal of this article is to help narrow down the choices and help you get off to a good start.

What Should I Play?

You start out by choosing a "base class" during character creation. Shadowbane follows common fantasy traditions with regard to these base classes:

  • Fighters are hardy, straightforward, and usually simpler to play
  • Mages are pragmatic, strategy-focused, and fragile
  • Healers enhance their allies and provide a nice mix of durability and spell casting
  • Rogues are self-sufficient, cunning opportunists who use stealth

No matter what prestige class you choose, your character will always feel like one of these four.

To learn more about the specific differences between prestige classes, see the Character Creation article's section on this.

Avoiding "Gimp" Characters

It is not uncommon for even intermediate players to make a decision they later regret when making a character. Fortunately, many of the decisions you make in Shadowbane can be reversed later on. The first thing we recommend new players learn is which decisions cannot be reversed, and hopefully save you from having to "re-roll" a new character.

As a rule of thumb, most decisions you make during the character creation process cannot be changed later on, especially starting traits.

Until you learn the nuances of character creation, we recommend the following be taken on every character (placing any leftovers into intelligence).

  • Warlord's Page
  • Tough as Nails
  • Healthy as an Ox
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