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Vranaxxas the Flayed Lord is a Dark Lord and an ancient demon; so ancient that only the Elves who imprisoned him in his cage long ago really understand how old he actually is. This large white beast is equally as strong as he is old. Now that he has escaped from his ancient prison of magic, Vranaxxas takes pleasure in killing wayward travelers in the Arena of Torment, a coliseum once used by the elves.


Maladur, Elven Sentry: You there! You trespass on the domain of the High Court of Eglan Nanvirond. On any other day such a thing would mean your death, but these are dark times.

You have the look of a slayer about you. Hungry for battle? For glory? Get thee within these woods then, make straight for the center! The hosts of Chaos ravage this place, killing my kinsmen and twisting the beasts of the wood into foul abominations. We had worked so hard to save these woods, and hide them from our foes, but now all is for naught. The Prisoner is free, and his pit-spawned lackeys will make a ruin of this place! The other High Courts have sent us aid, and we Firstborn have built a cordon about this place, but I fear it shall not hold.

Avoid the camps of my kinsmen -- they have faced so many foes, from pit-spawn and Chaos mercenaries to the cursed lackeys of the Vorgrim Legion, that they will kill intruders without question. Save your blades and spells for the demons, the monstrosities, and the pale villain who has ruined this, the most sacred refuge of my people! We need every sword, even those of lesser breeds! Go quickly!

Who's this Pale Villain?

They are one and the same: Vranaxxas, the Pale Slayer, Dark Lord of Chaos. He led the legions of demonspawn against Aeran Belendor thousands of years ago, during the War of the Scourge. The Lords of Eglan Nanvirond were hard pressed to halt their onslaught. The greatest Archmages of the Empire wove mighty spells, enchantments that bound the Dark Lord, imprisoning him in a trap even the General of the Pit could not break. The archmages built a mighty fortress around Vranaxxas' prison, raising great spires to channel magical energy into the trap to keep it secure... but it was not to last.

In the earthquakes that accompanied the rise of Maelstrom, one of the spires anchoring the magical web was broken, and the prison failed. Vranaxxas broke free and began summoning allies to his side, a cadre of demons who laid waste to the prison, the surrounding forests, and all nearby settlements. Since his release the woods have run with blood, and now the foul thing seeks to draw even more demons to his side! He must be stopped! Go quickly, if you doubt not your strength, and take the fight to Chaos!

What is the Vorgrim Legion?

They are a blemish upon the histories of the highborn, and a lesson to all of what comes from trusting humans, or the Maimed God...

In the days of the War of the Scourge all of the Children of Aerynth united against the hosts of Chaos. The mightiest warriors and cleverest generals of the armies of Elves and Humanity joined together to form the Vorgrim Legion, an elite army where the Firstborn and Sons of Men would fight side by side, under joint command. The Legion won its greatest fame during the middle years of the conflict, when they managed to halt the advance of Chaos on many fronts. After the retrieval of Shadowbane and the turning of the tide, Malog the War God emerged from his long seclusion to answer the All-Father's call. Malog himself took command of the Vorgrim Legion and led it to a stunning series of victories. The Legion slowly renounced its ties with the lords of Elves and Men, following their divine general to death and glory.

The Legion's fate was sealed when Malog tried to betray the All-Father to His doom in the pit of Chaos. The warriors of the Vorgrim were abandoned and trapped with their dark master. In the wake of the final battle, Malog's treachery poisoned the name of the Vorgrim Legion forever. But the recent incursions of Chaos have brought the memory of the Legion back. Warriors and devotees of Chaos have appeared wearing the distinctive, ancient suits of armor used by the Legion of old, wrought by the mightiest Elvish Enchanters.

And now they are here, working alongside Vranaxxas' lackeys. So we have drawn the eyes of the Maimed God? We had troubles enough!