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Factionhold: Kaal Tharkhan
Guild Ranks:
  • Jov'uus (Slave; ideally, all non-Irekei are of this rank)
  • Urikhan (Cold Blooded One; pre- Rite of Passage)
  • Irikhan (Hot Blooded One; post- Rite of Passage)
  • Sek'alar (Hunter; warrior of note)
  • Khal'usht (Flame Keeper; typically older Irekei who advise leaders)
  • Arkhalar (Blade Wielder; literally "clawed one", a Family head)
  • Khal'urvho (Phoenix; literally "Fiery Bird")1
  • Khar'uus (Blood Lord; literally "Fire Master")2
  • Kryqhi'khalin (Chosen One; literally "Blessed Spawn of the Sun")2
Overview: Savage tribes of Irekei who constantly war with all non-Irekei and each other.

Narrative: Unlike most of the other Races, who organize themselves into kingdoms or dominions, the Irekei of the Burning Lands are divided into a multitude of Virakt'al, nomadic bands that roam the scorched wastes in search of sustenance and plunder. Every Virakt consists of several extended family groups, allied to each other by marriages and ancient oaths. The ablest Warrior or hunter usually leads a Virakt, their absolute authority tempered by a council of advisors, one from each of the Virakt's member families. Wizards lead some Virakt'al instead of Warriors, but such arrangements are extremely rare. The bond between members of a Virakt is extremely strong: an Irekei would sooner die than betray his tribe. Members of other Virakt'al, however, rarely receive the same consideration, and the feuds that rage between Irekei tribes are only slightly less bloody than their conflicts with the so-called "Rain Bleeders" of the Greenlands. Politics among Virakt'al can be bewildering and fickle: Devil Men who were allies only days before can quickly become blood enemies, and opposing sides in feud will quickly band together against some new foe.

1 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a Nation can obtain this rank.