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Release notes for Shadowbane v1.0.9.9 which was launched on 8/19/2003


New Features

  • Irekei architecture added: Irekei building deeds can be acquired from Builders
  • New desert zone added with high-level hunting areas.
  • All equipment breakage should result in a pop-up.
  • Added a "/random" command: Using "/random #" will display results to all a number of 1-#.
  • Buildings now display the guild crest of the guild that owns them.
  • Bane circle and buildings should be protected for 1 hour after server resets.
  • Patcher now has a button to launch SBConfig.exe to help solve any hardware issues before launching.

Stability & Performance Optimizations

  • Character memory footprint reduction should reduce number of lag spikes and increase performance.
  • Fixed hangs when reentering world after leaving world.
  • Fixed client crash when leaving a world while standing at a ToL during a War Phase.

Balance Tweaks

  • Racial/Factional stewards, guards, and trainers' salaries are now significantly higher. Remember to keep extra gold in those assets before the patch, so you don't lose them.
  • 'Charm of Peace', 'Incantation of Pacification', 'Charm of Amnesia', and 'Incantation of Disorientation' are all now granted at Grand Master.
  • 'Sign of Veshteroth', 'Charm of Confusion', and 'Chant of Confusion' now only takes 10 trains to Grand Master.
  • 'Mystic Backlash', 'Leech the Will', and 'Consume the Will' now do significantly more damage (i.e. more mana is taken away).
  • 'Mystic Bolt' now has a stamina drain component.
  • 'Translocation' will now cast faster when trained.
  • 'Ithriana's Love Song' should no longer work on siege engines.
  • 'Plague' can no longer be cast on other players in safe zones.
  • Buildings under construction are now stronger.
  • Forge Masters have been granted 'Lore of the Forge', an item identification spell
  • Gave Druid's 'Regrowth' spell a minor improvement in casting time.
  • 'Ice Bolt', 'Fire Bolt', and 'Lightning Bolt': Debuff occurs after damage and added a 10 second timer.
  • 'Indomitable Will' will now break the 'Fury of Wind' snare.
  • Light Bard armor should now be available in-game
  • Tailors and leatherworkers should start producing more boots with the Windlords enchantment.
  • The Huntsman's hound has received a speed boost.
  • There is now a minimum distance a bane circle can be placed near cities.
  • Spear skill now granted to Wyrmslayers.
  • Healer robes should now use the appropriate enchantments.
  • Scout's 'Detect Hidden' now lasts longer and has an icon.
  • Dexterity penalty reduced on Ranger and Warlock medium armor.
  • Templars now get pole arm mastery.
  • Warlock cloth armor should now use the appropriate enchantments.
  • 'Wings of the Seraphim' cannot be interrupted and takes 4 seconds to cast.

Major Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to use the management window to destroy a ToL.
  • A killer's guild and nation name now correctly appears on your KOS List.
  • Some code added to prevent any problems occurring to ToLs.
  • Banished city members should no longer get "/city" messages.
  • Building damage and healing should be saved and restored after server restarts.
  • Characters will no longer be able to repledge into a guild they have been banished from.
  • Fixed a number of instances where the world map was not refreshing (crests, names, etc.).
  • Fixed an exploit allowing for instantaneous logouts.
  • If you delete a skins file, it is now possible to use characters once used with that skins file.
  • Connectivity improved between login and game servers.
  • KOS list performance has been improved.
  • It will no longer be possible to heal buildings with gold during any phase of a siege if buildings are within a certain range of the ToL.
  • Non-Inner Council (IC) members and former IC members should no longer be able to use the IC channel.
  • Quitting your guild or going errant is no longer a means to avoid KOS lists.
  • Removed the ability to equip items if you use buffs to reach statistic requirements.
  • The "select group mate" hotkeys should now select the appropriately numbered group mate even if the HUD is closed or if changes are made in the group.
  • ToLs that lose their fortress grid for any reason will have it restored when the server restarts.
  • Various issues with deceased cities appearing on the world map and other ToL/government synchronization problems should now repair themselves when the server restarts. This includes non-existent ToLs that still act as spawn points.
  • You should now be able to KOS an individual while they are offline.
  • You will no longer be able to get around the weapon restrictions on backstab.
  • A ToL grid will now be destroyed if its ToL is destroyed.
  • Fixed the "/who" class and race filters.
  • Fixed crackling on Audigy and SBLive! sound cards.
  • Fortress grids will no longer endure after their parent ToL is destroyed.
  • Getting 'track' from two different sources should no longer make the arrow spin wildly out of control.
  • Interface skin information should save correctly after logging out.
  • Management context menus' "X" button will no longer cause crashes.
  • Group member damage will now float above their head as orange instead of yellow.
  • Removing a KOS entry from an asset will immediately make the asset's guard stand down against people who are no longer subject to that asset's KOS. This includes the errant-flag KOS.

Minor & Cosmetic Bugs

  • All maintenance dates should now be in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Ability added to assign hotkeys to some windows you could not do so before.
  • All "Condemn List" references in the interface are now consistent.
  • City names will now be tested for uniqueness.
  • 'Divine Cure' now has a sound effect.
  • Fixed error message that appears when you fail to create a guild.
  • Fixed minor graphical glitch on Templar chest plate.
  • Fixed particle effect on 'Psychic Shout'.
  • Fixed some building ceilings you could fly through.
  • Fixed some floating buildings.
  • Fixed sound bug with Ancient Wyrm.
  • Fixed the stairs in the orc guard tower.
  • Guild motto will now be checked for profanity during guild creation.
  • Guildmasters are now notified when a potential guild member rejects their gracious invitation.
  • Guildmasters are now notified when their invitation to sub-guilds to swear fealty is refused.
  • If you put an inventory item into a full bank, the item will no longer disappear until your next login.
  • Aracoix's description improved in Character Creation.
  • Discipline runes description text improved to better explain what they do.
  • 'Damage absorbers' descriptions now state they fade after taking damage.
  • Males and females now have a different scale factor, so immensely strong females are no longer tiny.
  • Particle effects and animations for the blade dance and whirlwind powers modified.
  • Beardless dwarf vendors now have appropriate facial decorations.
  • Removed some unusual lighter-than-air rocks.
  • The limitation on guild name length is now checked client-side as well as server-side.
  • The Runemaster of Tyver no longer speaks fondly of Homlen's grove instead of his own hamlet.
  • There is now a confirmation window for naming your player city.
  • Tower of the Undying has been freshly redecorated!
  • Cure poison spell descriptions now also state they cure disease as well.
  • You will no longer see loot messages after you have left your group.
  • AoE spell descriptions now specify whether they affect group members or not.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with Manticores.
  • Fixed a typo in the "trade successful" message box.
  • Fixed an issue with power icons that would go permanently red when cast.
  • Fixed error message that occurred when you tried to transfer your own asset to yourself.
  • Fixed local map problems in the Barrowlands.
  • Fixed particle on statue of St. Malorn
  • Fixed problem resulting from two Friends List invitations being offered to you at one time.
  • Fixed some bad weapon icons.
  • Fixed some building local map icons.
  • Fixed some collision issues with some buildings.
  • Fixed some typos in the tutorial text.
  • Fixed the description of 'Kenaryn's Mark' to point out that it's actually a defense buff.
  • Fixed the stairs in the Necromancer's Tower and Stucco Villa.
  • Lizardmen will now wear shields correctly.
  • Minotaurs should no longer shake their heads when performing 2-handed weapon animations.
  • Players should now get a confirmation window when dropping gold onto the ground.
  • Removed reference to "TOL healing" from a guild HUD.
  • Sound effect's amplitude and falloff is now based upon camera position, not character position.
  • Text now centered correctly in "Place Asset" window.
  • Minotaur description within character creation displays all of his skill bonuses.
  • You should now be able to scroll down in the history section of your guild members.
  • Your finger should no longer pass through the tiger claw blade when you wield it.
  • Fixed a sorting error which would occasionally cause part of the trade window to be sorted under your inventory or other windows.
  • Reduced the number of newbie town choices at character creation. You can still repledge to any of them once you're in game.
  • Vendor gives you better feedback now if you have nothing to repair.
  • Improved error message for when your inventory is full.

Recent Additions

  • Decreased Stamina drain associated with 'Mystic Bolt'.
  • Fixed a bug relating to Players getting Double Exp from using 'Mystic Bolt'.
  • Fixed Client Crash related to Unequipping Items and Mousing Over items.
  • The Particle Effects from 'Whirlwind Attack' and 'Blade Dance' were breaking the powers in such a way so that it seemed like they weren't doing damage when they were. These particle effects have been removed.
  • Added powerstring for 'Whirlwind Attack'.
  • Fixed serious "Mapcasting" exploit (ability to target the map and hit players at infinite range).
  • Fixed "infinite stun" exploit.
  • Fixed a mobile which, when players fought it, would spam the servers and any observers, seriously degrading gameplay.
  • Sound effect's amplitude/falloff should be dependent on the camera position, not the character position.
  • We have fixed 'Translocate' and 'Passwall' again.
  • We have fixed an exploit that allowed you to instantaneously log off.
  • We have fixed the experience formula so that if a player does not promote once their experience gets them to what should be level 12, they will only gain 1 exp per kill.

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