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Patch notes for Shadowbane v1.0.7.7, which was launched on June 13th, 2003.

  • Most cure poison spells will now also cure disease.
  • Fixed a major sb.exe error which occurred in situations with a lot of text flying around (read sieges).
  • Fixed an sb.exe error which was Win98 specific
  • Improved the recorder, which should take recordings which will help us catch future client crashes (sb.exe errors). If frequent sb.exe crashes are still occurring after this patch, we will solicit these recordings from players having severe problems.
  • Wings of the Seraphim will now last from 4.5 to 6 minutes. It will also have a healing component to reduce resting time required after casting.
  • AoE spells will now treat pets as if they are group members of their master's group. Thus, AoEs that don't affect the group will no longer affect pets in the group.
Known Issues
  • Win98 and some ATI cards don't appear to play nicely together. In particular, some of the later ATI cards don't officially support Win98. We are talking with ATI about this issue now.
  • Win98's threading model is less efficient than that of later Windows products, and is exascerbated by how Shadowbane uses threading. As such, Win98 players may find they have slower performance than users of other Windows operating systems.
  • GeForce 2Go Cards(or any other card compatibility issues), players should use SBConfig.exe (or edit ArcanePref.cfg manually) and disable occlusion culling and/or the mesh cache. Those seem to be the two that have the most compatibility issues across different drivers.
  • The AI will no longer cast Sprint at inappropriate times.
  • AoEs should no longer affect pets of a group member (Furies still do)
  • Stamina heals now have the correct particle effect
  • Wind bows should now be able to hit moving targets.
  • Fixed ranges of some bow weapon powers so they work at bow range.
  • Silverlance vendors will be fully functional.
  • Fixed some throwing weapon powers that weren't working at range.
  • Removed the ability to start or end one's name with punctuation.
  • Fixed a bug which made some shopkeepers talk really really quietly.
  • Your overhead name and crest will no longer be misplaced after shapeshifting.
  • Fixed the red velvet hood icon.
  • There should be less wierdness when an aracoix dies in midair.
  • Fixed graphics anomoly on B'Bhaash axes.
  • You can now kick out group members who aren't near you.
  • Racial Shieldsmith deeds are now correctly named.
  • Having a discipline with track should no longer make your class' track worthless.
  • Errant guildleaders should no longer appear at their old digs.
  • Gamma should now be set when world is entered.
  • Fixed a couple of client crashes.
  • Players who have too few skill points due to bugs should find them refunded.
  • Believed we fixed an exploit allowing players to bypass their recast timers.
  • Fixed a couple of typos in the Traits at character selection.
  • Fixed an issue with Mac patching.
  • A couple of game server memory leaks have been patched up.
  • Added improved queueing to the login servers to help them deal with load.
  • Fixed a couple of server crashes.
  • Fixed resizing of wall placement menu.
  • Unidentified magic items are now clearly visible in the sell menu, making it harder to sell them by accident
  • Fixed the 'return to default' button for hair in character creation (it was doing unpredictable stuff with bald people).
  • Item Crafting HUD should more accurately show crafting times of magic items.
  • Cleaned up a bug which made Trade Requests never reach your trade partner.
  • Fixed mouseovers displaying time left to complete a building.
  • Fixed a minor glitch in the tax information HUD.
  • "/Path off" should now turn off pathing.
  • Character in character selection should no longer drift off the screen with time.
  • Health bars in the group hud should no longer exceed 100%.
  • Fixed icons for dwarven chain hauberks and helms
  • Fixed occasional bug which prevented the 'You have been removed from group' window from ever closing.
  • "OK" should no longer be the default option when deleting your character.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes made two characters appear in your chat entry bar when you hit one character.
  • Fixed doors on northman house.
  • The Blood Prophetess is no longer auditioning for "Irekei Gone Wild" video (she is no longer topless).
  • Fixed some spawning bugs.
  • Walking in the side door of the King's Cross church will no longer stick you in the floor.
  • Beamed the Silverlance Armorer out of the wall of his forge.
  • Players can't fly from within Silverlance buildings anymore.
  • Building furnishings should be appearing consistently throughout world.
  • Gave some shameless Irekei NPCs some pants.
  • Fashionable changes in wardrobe to several Trainers and NPCs.
  • Skratha Tundra should be less laggy.
  • Renamed Conn MacMorgan's evil, runeless twin.
  • There should be one less bladeweaver trainer spawning in a tree.
  • Fixed some minor typos in the NPC dialogue.
  • Discipline dropping monsters will no longer be robbable.
  • Hybrid class trainers now have the proper teaching limits - go to a player city if you find your learning capped.
  • Slightly increased length of weapon power stuns.
  • You should no longer be able to manage your city assets in safe mode.
  • Increased the range of the Bounty Hunter "Trip" power.
  • Made the gladiator rune description more accurate.
  • The 'Master-at-arms' has been renamed 'Master Warrior'.
  • "Friended" guild members can no longer transfer assets.
  • Bladeweavers and Blademasters magic powers will now be based on Intelligence.
  • Changed animation on track from swinging sword to peer animation.
  • Made "Convert the Shadow" a bit more effective.
  • Weapon taunt powers should be more effective now.
  • Ungimpified fear spells.
  • Resist and protection spells (such as Counter Venom) should no longer be removed by Debuff Removal spells (such as Antidote).
  • Steal Breath can now be cured by poison cures.
  • Holy blades are now dual wieldable.
  • Druid AoEs will no longer affect the group.
  • Made templars less gimpy:
  • Templars' hit points have been slightly increased.
  • Templars will be granted base sword powers at a higher level.
  • The mana cost on some Templar powers has been reduced.
  • Many Templar powers have had their power prerequisites adjusted.
  • The Templar power "Blessed Zeal" now affects power damage as well as melee damage.
  • Wings of the Seraphim will now last from 4.5 to 6 minutes. It will also have a healing component to reduce resting time required after casting.
  • The Healer Offensive Stance will reduce Blocking effectiveness.
  • Mesmerize spells will no longer affect pets.
  • Hid some city management buttons from people who shouldn't be able to see them.
  • LODs will be based upon camera position, not character position.
  • Taking damage while in the 10 second /stuck timer will reset the stuck timer.
  • Group members looting corpses will now notify other group members.
  • Removed that annoying space that appears in all items with two prefixes.
  • Fixed description of Outer Walls deed to display accurately what can be slotted in them
  • You can now turn off 'mousepush' in your config file.
  • Pet HUD is now destroyed if the pet dies.
  • The 'stranger' filter has been removed from the 'who' list.
  • Track HUD will now display nation and guild crests
  • Track HUD will now be color coded for group members vs non-group members
  • Track HUD now has sorting options.
  • Guild shields on Track HUD can be dragged to KOS lists.
  • New characters will find 'M' mapped to 'Map' instead of 'Mouselook' in the future.
  • You can now direct your craftsmen to craft a number of a single items (as opposed to pushing the plus sign over and over again).
  • Made scrolling in Runemaster cleaner.
  • Vendors will now be more rude to players on their building's kill on sight list.
  • The lizardman king's hat will no longer drop as treasure.
  • Made some minor worldbuilding changes.
  • Turned off some ambient sounds so they will be less annoying until we have time to look into the ambient sound bug.
  • You might start to see Ranger Medium Armor out in the world.
  • You may soon find siege staffs for magely building bashing.
  • Challenge now has a text message.
  • Gave confessors access to "Animator."
  • The Blood Prophet power 'Bloodfire' now does stamina damage as well as health damage.
  • Shades now get 1 free point of Hide at level 2.
  • There is now a minimum distance from a tree that you can place a bane circle. Note: Scoll will still disappear if bane too close.
  • You can no longer place a bane circle on your own city. Note: Scroll is destroyed on unsuccessful placement
  • Shadowmantle now has an effect icon the afflicted can see.
  • Undead hunters will be granted the ability to cure disease.
  • Healer crusaders will be granted sword skill at promotion.
  • Added the Pet Commands Pet Rest and Pet Assist to the Pet Commands sub menu of the main menu.
  • You now must type "YES" when deleting a character.
  • Added shadow under chat text to make light colors more readable in snowy/desert areas.
  • Reverse panning for X-Axis and Y-Axis are now separate (meaning you can reverse one and not the other if you would like)
  • To appease summoners who fund their trade summoning those with DoOdiSh names, the summon dialog is no longer case sensitive.
  • A 'click-through' toggle has been added to many huds. This is most useful in the chat huds.
  • Weapon mouseovers should now display the weapon's mastery skill
  • Weapon Speed values should now show up on weapon mouseovers
  • Added 'trade with player' button to main menu under actions/interactions (which means it can now be assigned a hotkey).
  • Bob the Wandering Grobold has a new story to tell.
  • Some buildings had parts that weren't turning transparent correctly. They do now.

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