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Patch notes for Shadowbane v1.0.11.4, which was launched October 30th, 2003.

Balance Tweaks
  • +Strength/+Stamina amulets and rings should start to show up in the world.
  • Added a health regeneration buff to the 'Treat Wounds' Gladiator power.
  • Added a warrior trainer to Knightsbridge.
  • Added an additional tick to the front end of all DoT spells. In the case of the Ignite spell, this tick is twice as large as the normal tick, in all other cases it's the same size.
  • Player-owned weaponsmiths can now craft siege weapons (i.e. siege bows, staves and hammers) but not sell them. The owner of the smith will be the only one who can access these weapons.
  • Brought Block skill to be more in line with Dodge and Parry skills by reducing impact of the actual shield object on the block formula.
  • Granted fighter base classes 15 points of Block.
  • Buffed up discipline droppers. Bring friends.
  • Fixed a couple of instaspawn monsters.
  • Fixed some bugs with the Irekei building set.
  • Fixed some NPCs that "Hunt Prey" was supposed to track but wasn't.
  • Fixed some trolls who weren't aggroing like they should have been.
  • Fixed some weapon powers which were mislabelled as damage debuffs when in fact they are defense debuffs.
  • Shieldsmiths can now craft Flame Shields for Templars and Confessors.
  • Increased the odds that human hirelings will roll cool things on the enchantment tables.
  • Made 'Track' power granted by disciplines slightly less powerful and accurate than Track power granted by professions
  • Mobs within the Barrowlands now have special powers.
  • Monster powers no longer automatically hit.
  • Ranking time on Runemasters has been reduced.
  • Reduced recycle timer for 'Ice Bolt' and 'Fire Bolt'.
  • Reduced wall maintenance.
  • All wall segments now have maintenance.
  • Removed the recast timer from the Prelate stamina buff 'Saint Victor's Vigor'.
  • Scout trainers now teach Dagger Mastery.
  • Specific mob tracks ('Hunt the Dead', 'Track Giant') no longer require training.
  • Weapon "procs" will only have a chance to fire on a successful weapon hit.
Wizard Pet Improvements
  • Changed 'Incantation of Augmentation' Constitution buff to grant +85 instead of +75 at GM.
  • Added a +5-10% defense buff to 'Incantation of Augmentation'.
  • Increased base speed of Wizard pet demons by 10%
Fury Improvements
  • Granted Spear skill.
  • Granted Spear weapon powers at power rank 5.
  • Granted use of the Master of Spears rune.
  • Reduced recycle timer of 'Call the Blizzard' and 'Call Storm' to 60 seconds.
  • Changed 'Call the Blizzard' and 'Call Storm' to exclude caster from damage.
  • Increased 'Call the Blizzard' and 'Call Storm' damage by 20%.
  • Increased 'Call the Blizzard' and 'Call Storm' mana cost.
  • Increased duration of 'Tame the Wind' to 10 minutes.
  • Reduced recycle timer of 'Chant of Frenzy', 'Leech of Blood', and 'Leech of Spirit'.
  • Reduced casting time of 'Dampen Rage', 'Battle Curse', 'Curse of Binding', 'Draw Nature's Fury', 'Hex of the Ice Fury', 'Hex of the Storm Fury', and 'Evil Eye'.
Huntress Improvements
  • Made 'Strength of the Huntress', 'Amazon's Endurance', 'Grace of the Panther', and 'Phaedra's Fury' stackable with healer buffs.
  • Increased duration of 'Chill Ward' and 'Skyfire Ward'.
  • Decreased casting time on 'Phaedra's Chase' and 'Cry of Vashteera'.
  • Added a +10% attack buff to 'Call of the Wild'.
  • Added a +10% Dodge Skill buff to 'Beast Lord's Boon'.
  • Removed the 'Track' power and replaced with 'Hunt Foe', which can list more players from a wider area.
  • Granted 'Hunt Prey', an NPC and mob track.
  • Increased base speed of Huntress pets by 15%.
  • Reduced level and skill requirements of 'Phaedra's Fury' to Level 42 and 96 Way of the Gaana.
  • Granted 'Naargal's Bite', a Huntress-only Spear weapon power at 90 Spear.
  • Granted 'Naargal's Dart', a Huntress-only Bow weapon power at 90 Bow.
Major Bug Fixes
  • Bleeds should no longer heal city assets.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's info channel wouldn't necessarily update if their guild affiliation changed.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to sound.
  • Fixed a 'Pathfinding' bug that would make monsters teleport around while chasing after you.
  • Fixed a server crash related to unusual and wacky deaths.
  • Fixed an instance where the login server (and therefore your client) would think the game servers were up when they weren't, which would result in hanging on attempting to login.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Powers Chat Filters to not save correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the profanity filter.
  • Improved client stability.
  • Increased looting range, which should reduce occurrences of "scoot n' loot".
  • Fixed an issue causing mobiles to teleport to a random location while pursuing players.
  • Undead Tower Captains will no longer attack your other hirelings on sight.
  • You can no longer place banes if you are in a newbie guild.
  • Fixed client crash that occurs when leaving game while Tree of Life HUD is open.
Minor & Cosmetic Bugs
  • Added Identify Tomes and Scroll Bundles.
  • Buy/Sell messages are now integrated into the Vendor GUI, instead of resulting in annoying popup messages.
  • Dragging items onto part of the Trade WIndow UI which isn't your half will no longer result in those items being dropped to the floor.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented offline players from being removed from the friends list consistently.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the Lizardman Temple.
  • Fixed a couple of places where mob 'Pathfinding' was getting them stuck.
  • The inventory window should automatically open when you open a secure trading session.
  • The inventory window should automatically open when you open your bank.
  • 'Rapid Shot' and 'Precision' now give the standard buff particle when fired.
  • Added a shirt to the Northman Magister Guard.
  • Added strings to the stun component of 'Laasa the Sorrowful Maiden'.
  • All "Armorers" have been renamed "Medium Armorers".
  • Female centaurs wearing 80% and 90% heavy armor should now display the correct piece of armor.
  • Fixed a couple of minor typos.
  • Fixed an art issue which made the attack debuff effects icon for the "Steel Fang" weapon power invisible.
  • Fixed collision on a couple of objects.
  • Fixed equipment for the Aracoix Assassin trainer.
  • Fixed Manticore animations.
  • Fixed some instances of inappropriate enchantment prefixes showing up on wands.
  • Fixed some minor typos in NPC dialogue.
  • Fixed some wonkiness with the Worg running animation.
  • Fixed the death animations for the Cursed Disciple and the Cursed Magus.
  • Fixed the icon for the 'Mind and Body One' Warlock power.
  • Fixed the icon for the bardic leather breeches.
  • Fixed the icon for the lizardman shield.
  • Fury trainers now wear fury robes.
  • Gave Centaur Stewards clothing.
  • Goatmen now have hips.
  • Guild ranks now update properly when the guild rank slider is adjusted.
  • Made all building mouseovers consistently say "Hireling" (instead of, say, "Tradesman")
  • Made some skeleton and animation corrections on the forest apes.
  • Minotaur Wall Archers will now spawn with horns.
  • Reduced sound radius of all items with "flies buzzing" sound.
  • Removed the word "Chant" from the 'Serpent's Strike' power description, since the power is no longer a chant.
  • Set the 'Song of Fortitude' to have the correct Effects Icon.
  • The "/random" command will now display proper 3rd person strings (instead of saying "You roll…" to the whole party)
  • The 'Charm Beast' power description now explicitly points out that it works like a chant.
  • The Drain Over Time power 'Contrition' now displays text messages detailing damage done.
  • The Dwarven War Priest now has a beard.
  • Warlock trainers are now dressed in Warlock garb.

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