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Patch notes for Shadowbane v1.0.10.12, which was launched on October 9th, 2003.

New Features
  • Added new Chat Filters
  • Added Nation Channel, which nation leaders can use to communicate to their followers, and Commander Channel, which is used by guild leaders only.
  • You can now toggle whether or not you want sound to center around your character (the old way) or your camera (the new way). This can be found in Options.
  • City Asset Management now offers a reserve function that can be set by anyone who can manage the asset, establishing a cut off value for gold in the strongbox below which hirelings will refuse to purchase items (for fear of exhausting the reserve)
  • Amazons have taken over the Bandit Wetlands on the Mainland! Seek out the Palomi Wetlands for all sorts of new High-Level Monsters, Including many brand new Foes!
Balance Adjustments
  • Added a new scout-only bow, the Horwathi Bow, which has a longer range than other bows.
  • Athletics should be about 33% more effective than it was before.
  • Reduced the stamina damage done by 'Bloodfire' by 25%.
  • 'Reflection' is now flagged as a Buff, and will be dispelled by buff-dispelling spells.
  • Removed 'Battle Tactics' power, and split it into two powers: 'Cry Havoc' (Atk speed) and 'Take No Prisoners' (Damage). Commanders with points spent in 'Battle Tactics' will have these points refunded to them.
  • Some weapon powers that were missing stun effects had them reattached.
  • Wands should now roll with prefixes.
  • Granted scouts Dagger Mastery
  • Increased duration of Scout's 'Precision' spell.
  • Reduced Stamina usage for 'Path Finding' skill.
  • Removed scout and rangers 'Track' power, which is replaced with two new powers (see below).
  • Scouts' and Rangers' 'Track' power has been replaced by 'Hunt Foe', which is identical to the old 'Track' except the list of names caps at 40, rather than 30.
  • Scouts have been granted a new track power, 'Hunt Prey', which tracks NPCs, and is granted at GM at level 30.
  • Rangers have been granted a new track power, 'Hunt Prey', which tracks NPCs, and mobs, and is granted at GM at level 20.
  • Increased the stamina regeneration buff that spent skill points grant you with the 'Wolf's Vigor' ranger power.
  • 'Serpent's Strike' is now a buff, not a chant.
  • Made 'Strength of the Bear' stackable with other Strength buffs.
  • Made 'Grace of the Stag' stackable with other Dexterity buffs.
Major Fixes
  • Fixed a client crash related to sound.
  • Fixed a client crash related to tower archers.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the new high-level mobs (46-48) from dropping loot as often as they should.
  • Fixed a server deadlock.
  • Gold should no longer split when looting a group member. However, the group will get a channel message indicating who took the gold from the group member's corpse.
  • Gold should no longer split when looting your corpse after casting resurrection powers.
  • Inner council members will no longer be able to alter white or black marks given by the standing guild leader.
  • Now the viewable guild history includes only player guilds, not GM guilds.
  • Outer Wall with Tower will now be able to house NPCs. It will also start to charge maintenance
  • Reduced the number of animations that fire in siege situations. This should dramatically improve siege performance.
  • Removed the ability for Travelers to spend points on currently non-functional powers (when Interserver Travel comes online, these powers will be read).
  • The client should no longer hang when there is a version mismatch. Instead, it should report that mismatch.
  • Treasure split will now default to ON when forming a group.
  • Updated the way that sound works in the game to eventually allow for more variety of sounds per monster and event.
  • You can no longer cast DOTs on Trebuchets.
  • You can now view guild history on any other player, either via context menu on that player, or by clicking on a new button that will now appear on the Death list (Previously, this information was only accessible to Guildmasters).
Minor Fixes
  • Both 'Embrace the Phoenix' and 'Strike of the Manticore' now have power strings.
  • A clearer message is now given when attempting to alter the Friends list on the Tree of Life (namely, that it is always the inner council of the guild and cannot be altered).
  • "Bane Soul" Mobiles no longer spawn halfway into the ground.
  • Bursar contract description now correctly lists all buildings he can be slotted into.
  • Changed some monster names in the Ardani Ruins to bring them more in line with the Lore.
  • Ensured that all monster-only (PvE) powers explicitly point this out in their description.
  • Fixed a couple of bad object icons.
  • Fixed a couple of power strings regarding pets and pet buffs ("Your Summoned Panther's pet...")
  • Fixed collision on Bearkin buildings.
  • Fixed icons for 'Dampen Rage' and 'Battle Curse'.
  • Fixed particle effect on Irekei Ancestral Statue.
  • Fixed some bad collision shapes on some Irekei furniture.
  • Fixed some building parts that were not fading correctly.
  • Fixed some minor art issues with the Drakes in the recently added zones.
  • Fixed some minor typos.
  • Fixed some monsters that would spawn in walls.
  • Made the roof of the lizardman temple accessible.
  • Removed the ability for Aracoix to wear Assassin Cloth hoods.
  • Repledging to Swampstone should no longer drop you below a building.
  • Rewrote the Unarmed Mastery description to bring it up-to-date with the times.
  • Templar trainers will now train polearm mastery to the same max that warrior trainers will train you to.
  • The Sundancer weapon (Khanx'hirs) now have a ground icon, and can be picked up if dropped.

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