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Vengeance UI Layout

VengeanceUI is a Shadowbane interface and skin that was designed by Halethrain as a replacement for the original Shadowbane interface. The interface is radically different from the standard UI, sporting three distinct color schemes without much adornation. The interface also includes several new features such as varying ways to display health, mana, and stamina, quick bars, new resist windows, and more. The VengeanceUI is intended as a replacement with PVP as its primary focus.

Where to Download

Vengeance UI can be downloaded at the following locations:

How to Install

  • 2. Move the entire folder to your shadowbane/skins/ folder.
  • 3. Load up Shadowbane.
  • 4. Hit escape to access main menu, go to Settings, Interface Skins, and select "Vengeance".

Release Notes

In Development

  • Macrozone maps.
Grey Dawn
Blue Steel
Classic Red


Build 1.60b

  • Fixed close button on main context menu. Now resides on left side of menu.
  • Added minimum dimensions to mini-map.
  • Added zone names to bottom of mini-map. Location auto-adjusts if map is resized.
  • Fixed graphical glitches with large selection window.
  • Fixed many of the previous graphical glitches with corners matching up to sides.
  • Adjusted Blue Steel to be a lighter blue.

Build 1.52b

  • Re-added zone names onto mini-map

Build 1.51b

  • Added two new color schemes
    • Grey Dawn: A grey/black color alternative
    • Blue Steel: A dark blue/black color alternative

Build 1.50b

  • Added Vengeance Bar window. This window includes health, mana, and stamina bars in various sizes that can be dragged.
  • Added vertical versions of both titan bars.
  • Added transparent quickbar that includes the following commands: combat, run/walk, stand/sit, form new group, stats, skills, runestones, powers, equipment, resistances, and inventory.
  • Added transparent resistances window that displays your current resistances. You can choose to display the resistances as text or icon.
  • Changed the default 1024x768 layout to be more functional.
  • Mouseovers now work when selecting powers at trainers.
  • Fixed some bugs with /who.
  • Fixed various reported bugs
  • Fixed default channels to display standard channels again.
  • Known Issue: Close button on main menu hard to click.

Build 1.10b

  • Added a new window labelled VPowers. This window includes power icons with text that can be dragged with text linked to them.
  • Added a new menu system labelled Vengeance UI. This menu system includes any new windows added.
  • Moved Titan - Small, Titan - Big, and ATR/DEF to Vengeance UI menu.
  • Fixed bug with mini-map being unclickable.
  • Fixed instances where graphical mouseovers were not taking place.
  • Added mouseovers to NPC Dialog boxes.
  • Converted more images to new theme.
  • Fixed graphical glitches in AssetInfo, CityChoice, CityChoiceTeleport, and GuildTreeInfo windows.

Build 1.0b

  • New red graphic theme.
  • Changed health border to be smaller and include stamina and mana.
  • Changed health border datafield to poll from Status for quicker health reporting.
  • Removed "Selection" window.
  • Changed "Small Selection" Window to be less wide, but maintain all information.
  • Targets health is now a draggable icon.
  • Changed mini-map to make it resizeable.
  • Added transparent ATR/DEF window
  • Changed Powers Small window to have no background or borders for transparent use.
  • Changed Hotbar to make it more transparent.
  • "Small group info" window now includes ALL group functions and an easily accessible "box formation" button.
  • Added two new windows in the "Windows" menu labeled "Titan". These windows act as a different way for you to view your health, mana, and stamina.

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