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Rewen's Guide to Pretty Articles

Dictionary Definition

Begin most articles with a dictionary definition. Bold the article's title like so:


Mage is one of the four base classes in Shadowbane.

Magic Words

Put these in an article's code to produce the listed effect. Visit the Media Wiki magic words page to learn more.

Switch Description
__TOC__ Places the page's TOC at the word's position.
__FORCETOC__ Forces the TOC to appear in its default position. Can be used anywhere on a page.
__NOTOC__ Suppresses the appearance of the page's TOC. Can be used anywhere on a page.
__NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the "edit" links normally beside all headings on the page. To hide the edit link beside a particular heading, specify the heading using e.g. an HTML tag rather than with the usual wiki equals-signs syntax.
__NEWSECTIONLINK__ On non-talk pages, adds a "new section" link as a means to add a new section to the page.
__NONEWSECTIONLINK__ Removes the "new section" link (the add-new-section link) on talk pages.
__NOGALLERY__ Replaces thumbnails on a category page with normal links.
__HIDDENCAT__ Makes a category hidden when included on that category's page.
__INDEX__ Instructs search engines to index the page.
__NOINDEX__ Instructs search engines not to index the page.
__NOTITLE__ Removes an article's main title header.

Change how Titles Look

Replace the carat (^) with the actual title in the article.

Title Magic variable Changed title
Lorem ipsum dolor {{DISPLAYTITLE:Lorem ''ipsum'' dolor }} Lorem ipsum dolor
Book:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet {{DISPLAYTITLE:BooK:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet}} BooK:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Portal:Lorem ipsum dolor sit {{DISPLAYTITLE:: _ Portal _ _ _ : _ _ _ Lorem ipsum_dolor sit}}  : _ Portal _ _ _ : _ _ _ Lorem ipsum_dolor sit
Kalai's 3^d conjecture {{DISPLAYTITLE:Kalai's 3<span style="position:absolute; top: -9999px">^</span ><sup>''d''</sup> conjecture}} Kalai's 3^d conjecture
E sub 0 {{DISPLAYTITLE:E<span style="position:absolute; top: -9999px"> sub </span ><sub>0</sub> }} E sub 0
Lorem ipsum dolor sit {{DISPLAYTITLE:Lorem ''ipsum'' doTemplate:Hlor sit}} Lorem ipsum dolor sit ← (invalid change, as capital "L" does not match original)

The Wonders of CSS

CSS tags can be used in this wiki. SPAN is an inline element, and DIV is a block element, but both of them share formatting tags.

Separate the tags below with semicolon within the quotes: <span style="[tags here]">[formatted text]</span>

List of span/div elements.

  • Text Color
  • BG Color
  • Background Image
background-image: url(images/bg1.jpg)
  • Padding
  • Font
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Shadow
text-shadow: 0 0 10px red

produces a glow effect

  • Tool tip
title="This adds a tool tip to some words"

CSS Resources