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Rewen's Guide to Pretty Articles

Dictionary Definition

Begin most articles with a dictionary definition. Bold the article's title like so:


Mage is one of the four base classes in Shadowbane.

Magic Words

Put these in an article's code to produce the listed effect.

Switch Description
__TOC__ Places the page's TOC at the word's position.
__FORCETOC__ Forces the TOC to appear in its default position. Can be used anywhere on a page.
__NOTOC__ Suppresses the appearance of the page's TOC. Can be used anywhere on a page.
__NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the "edit" links normally beside all headings on the page. To hide the edit link beside a particular heading, specify the heading using e.g. an HTML tag rather than with the usual wiki equals-signs syntax.
__NEWSECTIONLINK__ On non-talk pages, adds a "new section" link as a means to add a new section to the page.
__NONEWSECTIONLINK__ Removes the "new section" link (the add-new-section link) on talk pages.
__NOGALLERY__ Replaces thumbnails on a category page with normal links.
__HIDDENCAT__ Makes a category hidden when included on that category's page.
__INDEX__ Instructs search engines to index the page.
__NOINDEX__ Instructs search engines not to index the page.
__NOTITLE__ Removes an article's main title header.

Change how Titles Look

Replace the carat (^) with the actual title in the article.

Title Magic variable Changed title
Lorem ipsum dolor {{DISPLAYTITLE:Lorem ''ipsum'' dolor }} Lorem ipsum dolor
Book:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet {{DISPLAYTITLE:BooK:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet}} BooK:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Portal:Lorem ipsum dolor sit {{DISPLAYTITLE:: _ Portal _ _ _ : _ _ _ Lorem ipsum_dolor sit}}  : _ Portal _ _ _ : _ _ _ Lorem ipsum_dolor sit
Kalai's 3^d conjecture {{DISPLAYTITLE:Kalai's 3<span style="position:absolute; top: -9999px">^</span ><sup>''d''</sup> conjecture}} Kalai's 3^d conjecture
E sub 0 {{DISPLAYTITLE:E<span style="position:absolute; top: -9999px"> sub </span ><sub>0</sub> }} E sub 0
Lorem ipsum dolor sit {{DISPLAYTITLE:Lorem ''ipsum'' doTemplate:Hlor sit}} Lorem ipsum dolor sit ← (invalid change, as capital "L" does not match original)

SPAN and DIV Styles

CSS tags can be used in this wiki. SPAN is an inline element, and DIV is a block element, but both of them share formatting tags.

Separate the tags below with semicolon within the quotes: <span style="[tags here]">[formatted text]</span>

List of span/div elements.

  • Text Color
  • BG Color
  • Background Image
background-image: url(images/bg1.jpg)
  • Padding
  • Font
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Shadow
text-shadow: 0 0 10px red

produces a glow effect

  • Tool tip
title="This adds a tool tip to some words"