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Info on Vent. (Has it become commonplace, is it required by all/most guilds, maybe links to install.)

Ventrilo page already exists fyi --Halethrain 14:56, 20 Jan 2008 (EST)


I felt your talk page needed to be replied to.

Templates is probably going to be my next project here. The problem is that I do most of my editing at work so I can't test the numbers in the game itself. I try to poke through the UBI boards and find well-received builds also. It would be splendid if some of the class advocates would come and add some of their own material here, but unfortunately I don't think any of them do.

Right now, I am mostly using Game Mechanics as a provisional category, so as more articles get made I'm sure there will be more categories.

The quick reference box on the main page is becoming cluttered IMO. I think most people just want a place where they can quickly find out what level they will receive a power or see if their race and class combination is eligible to take a specific discipline rune. For new players, I think it might be better just to have a new player guide page and a glossary of terms. When I write here I usually try and target the audience of people who have played other MMOs before.

Server information is something that I cannot add because I usually play only on test and don't know a lot about the populations and political situations of other shards. I'm actually not sure how someone would measure the population accurately. Fortunately though, soon these servers will be gone and we can forgo this hassle and slap a big fat "retired" on the page. =)

As for class information, really it is purely opinion that a Nephilim Wizard is only good for farming, and with balance patches, people's opinions may change very often. On a wiki we should try not to convey opinions as much as possible so that the users themselves can make decisions without being influenced by their source of facts. I know this does not exactly solve the problem but there are other ways we can do that. For example, class advocates usually have a published class guide. We could start bringing these articles over here and adding a link to them at the bottom of the class pages.

Anyway, I am thrilled to see another editor here and look foreword to seeing your contributions! --Rewen 07:35, 21 Jan 2008 (EST)


Just like Recipes have no place in an encyclopaedia, I feel templates have no place in this wiki. A class guide would be handy, what to train what not to train what to train if you want to do this and what not to train if you don't want to be this, et cetera.

Pinothyj 22:30, 13 April 2008 (EDT)…

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