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Najwalaylah is a former Mourning player who has been dotting t's and crossing her eyes since 2003.

In a recent interview, she stated, "I believe Darkfall is this year's Shadowbane."

How To

  • You can force a TOC (Table of Contents) to appear on a page before the creation of one is automatically triggered by a minimum number of == Headings == by inserting the code __TOC__. It will be left-aligned, by default.
  • To completely remove the TOC from a page, use: __NOTOC__.
  • There is a template (one the Editorial We don't have at this time) that will allow for a right-aligned TOC that floats next to text, but the latter layout is almost never used in Wiki articles unless the TOC is very long (over 15 entries) and an information box is not occupying the top-right corner of said article.

Wish List

(Currently empty.)

Pet Peeves

(Attention Conservation Notice: Don't worry about peeving me or anyone, or about where your apostrophes go. Just write what you know and let those who don't (like me) worry about the proofreading. The information below is only for those times when a grammarian isn't available.)

I have a police evidence locker full of apostrophes I have confiscated from people who think that every instance of the letters i, t, s must have one.

The only people who make me fear more for the happy future of the Human Race as a sentient species are the people who never put an apostrophe in "its".

It's really simple.

  • It is. If it is "it is", it gets its apostrophe.
  • If it's just the possessive form of "it" (as above), it isn't entitled to one.
  • If it's "it has", then we may safely write "If it's got an apostrophe, that's okay".


I am not a grammar Nazi. I am... a grammar Confessor. (For grammar, read also "spelling", "punctuation", "usage"...)

"Nuh kry'blava kham khala tha'l, sa qhat Nkurakarin vraji qhe bhaka'khan khal'iq."
("My sacred task is to burn them all, so that the Dragon may know the worthy by the flames.")