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Ancient home of the dreaded Invorri Northmen, the southern reaches of this area were once conquered by the hero Vander, becoming the realm of Vanderlund. But Vanderlund fell long before the Turning, and in the Age of Strife these lands echo with the howls of the Beast Lords and new terrors.

- Vorringia
This article refers to the Thurin server; for information about the god Thurin, for whom this server is named, see Thurin the Shaper.

Thurin is one of the three live servers introduced as part of Patch 22, also known as the Shadowbane Reboot, along with Saedron and Malog.


Xanther SBG wrote:
Due to an increased server populations on both Malog and Saedron, we have decided to release the back-up server Thurin, an ARAC server, to ease the tension on the current servers.

We had a backup plan ready and in place just for this reason. So, if you aren't enjoying the lag of Malog or Saedron, feel free to pick up on Thurin, the Dwarven God's Server!

Server Information

Mapset: Vorringia
Online Since: March 25, 2008
Special Conditions: ARAC
Other Information: Part of the Shadowbane Reboot project. Characters from other worlds are not allowed to migrate here.
Siege Windows of Opportunity: 3PM to 11PM CST
Mine Windows of Opportunity: 3PM to 11PM CST

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