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Below, you will find a selection of user-created character templates for Thieves. Character templates are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.



By Rewen

Author's Comments
R-X is a stealing thief that can be more-than-viable in PvP also. Defense should be somewhere around 2100 and I estimate ATR at around 1700.

Taught By Master Thief, Raised by Thieves' Guild, Lucky, Lightning Reflexes

Stat Runes:

Discipline Runes: Gladiator, Skydancer, Bounty Hunter, Traveler


  • 2x Dexterity of Constitution Rings
  • Dexterity of Constitution Amulet
  • Light Armor
    • Armor: 9 Defense, +45 Health Breastplate, Armguards, Leggins, & Hood
    • Gloves: 9 Defense, +12 Dexterity
    • Boots: 9 Defense, +15% Movement Speed
  • 2x Morloch's of Ruin Betrayers, or the Vorgrim Daggers (what they lack in damage they make up for in style).

Ability Points:

  • Dexterity: 180
  • Intelligence: 74
  • Constitution: 100
  • Strength: 0
  • Spirit: 0

Training Points:
Light Armor: 139% (Gold)
Dagger: 144% (Gold)
Dagger Mastery: 95%
Dodge: 130%
Running: 120%


Sky Dancer


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