Temple of the Cleansing Flame

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Factionhold: Gray Sands
Guild Ranks:
  • Aspirant
  • Novice
  • Initiate
  • Inquisitor
  • Jannisary
  • Tribune
  • Lictor1
  • Justicar2
  • Pontifex2 / Pontifectrix2
Overview: Militant congregations striving to purge the wicked.

Narrative: Malorn the Just, one of the Shining Champions of Cambruin the High King, was standing by the High King's side when he was so treacherously slain. As the sky darkened and the earth shook with the force of The Turning, Malorn called forth flame from the blade of his mighty sword and slew the High King's assassin. Loudest in his mourning and staunchest in his reverence of the High King's memory, Malorn founded a sect devoted to avenging the dead king and redeeming the world, the Temple of the Cleansing Flame. Malorn is revered as first among the Blessed Saints by the worshippers of Flame, and in the years since The Turning the Temple has split entirely with the Church of the All-Father. The worshippers of the Flame believe that the All-Father is not dead, but has turned his countenance from the world because of the rampant sin of all His children. Once the wicked, pagan, and impure have been destroyed and the world purified by fire, the All-Father will return and reward those who kept the faith. The Temple of the Flame wages a tireless holy war against evil, chaos, the undead, the corrupt, heretics and blasphemers, "abominations" (any beast or race that exists outside of what they define as the natural order), and even members of their own sect whose faith and zeal are found lacking.

1 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a Nation can obtain this rank.