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Template:Classbarhome is used for adding a class navbar to homepage.

How to Use Template:Classbarhome

  • This template can be added to a page by typing the following in the page's code with any applicable parameters inserted after the name:

Raw Example of Template:Classbarhome

Sassassin.png Sbarb.png Sbard.png Schanny.png Sfessor.png Ssader.png Sdoomie.png Sdruid.png Sfury.png Shuntress.png Snecro.png
 Assassin   Barbarian      Bard     Channeler   Confessor   Crusader   Doomsayer     Druid        Fury     Huntress  Necromancer

Sns.png Sprelate.png Spriest.png Sranger.png Sscout.png Ssent.png Stemp.png Sthief.png Slock.png Swarr.png Swiz.png
Nightstalker   Prelate     Priest     Ranger      Scout     Sentinel    Templar      Thief      Warlock     Warrior     Wizard