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Race: Shade
Class: Rogue
Profession: Assassin

Tarrant was born just after the Turning and at an early age joined the ranks of Assassins known as the Black Mask. Then, in the 92nd Shadow Year, Tarrant left their ranks. None know exactly why but it is rumored that Tarrant disobeyed the wishes of the Deepest Shadow and even killed one of the council members, taking the twin daggers known as The Black Fangs from the corpse. It is even rumored that the Deepest Shadow has removed the Rule of the Sheathe; something that hasn't been done since The Spider violated the Rule of One Shadow by killing a family rival who asked him for safe harbor. Ever since, he has plied his trade in secret. Those who can find him and pay him handsomely are always pleased with his talents as a spy and assassin. It is rumored that the Assassin is a servant of the Brotherhood of the Shroud.

Behavior Characteristics: Tarrant is a snake, and a liar. He always hints that he is but the tip of a giant iceberg - depending on who he's trying to "recruit," Tarrant may say he works for some Keyser Sose mega Thief syndicate, an Elf Lord in exile, the High Conclave of Wizardry, or even the Temple's super secret Inner Inquisition. The rogue works with two main weapons: Greed (flattery, appeals to pride or ego, and the promise of the Big Win) and Fear (of betrayal, of retribution from his employers, whatever). He constantly tires to build paranoia. In the end, he can produce no proof but persuasion.

Specific Reaction Types: Tarrant is a corrupter - an outcast all his life, he'll deal with anyone. Greed and treachery make all races equal. He dislikes Temple clergy (for the tortures they inflicted on him once), so he tries to subvert non Templars of Confessors in the Temple guild first. But if push comes to shove, he'll see past his distaste and even work with them.


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