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Power Types

You're forgetting powers that transform and powers that identify and powers that make the player invisible.

Pinothyj 00:48, 17 November 2008 (EST)…

New Format for Powers (WIP_

I think the current format for powers has too much information and it is a clutter that will confuse new players. I am experimenting with a new format.

Blessed Protection

Blessed Protection's Power Cameo "Single Target Defense Buff"
requires Benediction Skill ( 19 )

Granted: Level 2
Power Rank: 1 ( Novice)
Teachers: Healer Trainer (40), Master Channeler (40), Master Confessor (40), Master Crusader (40), Master Druid (40), Master Prelate (40), Master Priest (40), Master Doomsayer (40)
Focus Skill: Benediction
Flagged As: Spell (Cancels effects which are cancelled by Spellcasting).
Mana Cost: 16 to 55 (at power ranks 1 to 40)
Casting Time: .02 seconds
Recycle Time: 0.0 seconds
Generates Hate: Moderate
Power User Requirements: Player may be moving when he activates this power.
Mode Required: Either Combat or Non-Combat Mode
Requires Hit Roll: No
Target and Range: Players Only (50 Units)
Can affect caster and group members.
Applies Effect(s): (From Power Ranks 1 to 40)

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Stackability:
    • Stack Category: DefenseBuff
    • Stack Rank: 0
    • Stack Rule: Standard (When stack categories and ranks are equal, then the most recently cast spell will only succeed if its spell power is greater than or equal to the existing spell's power).
  • Defense Bonus: + 22 to 100 (from power rank 1 to 40)
  • Dispel Tags: Buff, Effect

New Format Options:

Powers Granted at Level 10

Blessed Protection's Power Cameo Blessed Protection

Blessed Protection
Blessed Protection
Effect: Defense Bonus: + 44 to 100 (from power rank 20 to 40)
Blessed Protection's Power Cameo Blessed Protection
Effect Target receives 44 to 100 Defense
Duration 3 Hours
Cost 21 to 40 mana
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