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Statistic Runes (often shortened to "stat runes") are items that can be found on monster corpses that will increase a player's current and maximuim ability scores. Each item affects just one of the 5 attributes, but can come in 9 sizes each. Runes of the same statistic will overwrite each other. This means the player can use the runes as stepping stones if they does not meet the minimum attribute requirements for their desired rune.

How to Obtain

Player seeking a specific type of statistic rune can attempt to narrow their search by seeking monsters of specific types and levels. But it is true that most of the mobs biome and the zone type are the same. The list below will list the type of macro zones that the stat runes can be found at:

Oblivion, Maelstrom and non-zoned monsters can drop all 5 types.

Requirements, Cost, and Drops per Level

The table below describes the prerequisite and total number of points in an attribute required to apply a certain level of rune. For example, if a player wishes to apply an Enhanced statistic rune, they would need 85 points of the corresponding attrivute to do so. The table also lists how many attribute points it costs to fill that attribute after applying the rune. Finally, the table describes the best level of creatures to fight to earn the size sought.

Name (and increase) Prerequisite Cost to Fill Base Cost Rare Drop Reliable Drop
Enhanced (+5) 85 6 3 1-21 2-16
Exceptional (+10) 90 11 4 2-27 7-21
Amazing (+15) 95 16 5 8-32 13-27
Incredible (+20) 100 23 8 13-38 19-32
Great (+25) 105 28 9 13-38 19-32
Heroic (+30) 110 34 11 24-65 30-44
Legendary (+35) 115 39 12 30-65 35-65
of the Gods (+40) 120 45 15 40-65 45-65