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You have wings, exarch, yes. A pity you have no inkling of how to truly use them. Would you learn?

All the Aracoix born on this feeble world are shackled. Visualize bands of iron around your wrists, your ankles, and a yoke of iron on your shoulders. You think you know what it is to fly, but you know nothing. In the fullness of time, when the peridules finally open, perhaps you shall earn the privilege of seeing the Homeworld, of feeling its winds envelop you, soaring through updrafts and eddies almost as thick as the violet seas. Then you shall learn what flight truly is. I hope that it may come to pass for you, though the prospects grow bleak. To speak truly, I wonder if any born to future generations shall know the joy of flying in the Homeskies again, if the warnings of the Savants are ... no. I will speak no more of this. It is a secret.

I am a Sky Dancer, an elite servant of the glorious Empire of Aracoix. I was taught my art by the finest that serve. To learn it, you must renounce this world, and the falsehoods of the duriacoix. You must embrace your Heritage, and your place as a servant of the Glorious Empire. You must accept your place in the Hrak'shyia, and embrace the nature of reality. There are many born of this world who will tell you that this is slavery, that their lives of "freedom" are superior. They are delusional, poisoned by their false creeds and illusions of control. Only we, the Aracoix, have achieved true thought, and only we are fit to govern this Universe. To achieve our destiny we shall need every Aracoix we can muster, working for the greater good of the Glorious Empire. We shall have need of Sky Dancers.

Flight is far more than feathers, far more than wings or winds. To truly wage war in the air, you need will: the will to ignore pain and strain in your wings, the will to forget the heaviness of your flesh, and the will to govern your breath and thought. You shall need a Focus that any Savant would envy. Haracee was the first to find that Focus, long before the Awakening, when our people first discerned the sublime perfection of the Hrak'shyia. He was the first to cross the wider seas, held aloft by nothing but his wings and will. To him all the primitive chieftains rallied, and without his shining example our people never would have achieved unity and found our destiny. To him as much as to Arack we owe our Glorious Empire. We have purged our culture of all the flawed myths and superstitions of the Dark Ages before the Hark'shyia, but Haracee's sagas shall never be forgotten. The Araceans served as the most honored legions of the Empire to this day. If you can find the discipline, you shall learn to fly farther than ever you dreamed, and you shall master the Aracean secrets of combat.

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