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The base of a siege spire
Siege Spires are special city structures that a Guild Leader can place in their city. Their purpose is to broadcast a specific effect across everyone in an entire city (including one's own nation members). Spires can be toggled on or off by their owners, and have an ongoing usage cost of 5,000 gold per 5 minutes.

To activate or deactivate a siege spire you own, Ctrl + Left Click on it and select "Activate/Deactivate Spire". Note that a siege spire cannot be activated if it was placed less than 10 minutes ago.

Placement and Activation

Only builders rank 5 and above sell spires (they can not be purchased from safeholds). Once the building deed is obtained, the building is placed much like any other building. The rank of your city determines how many total spires can exist in the city:

  • Rank 1-2 cities may have 1 siege spire
  • Rank 3-5 cities may have 2 siege spires
  • Rank 6-8 cities may have 3 siege spires

Disabling a Siege Spire

Spires are not infallible. A player who has applied Saboteur discipline rune may disable them for a short period of time. If an enemy city is using spires that prevent access beyond the walls, a player with Sapper has the ability to shield the Saboteur just long enough for them to get inside.

Spire Types

Each Siege Spire has different effects, and some can only be purchased from highly-ranked builders. Siege spires have a very long build time, which means they can not be switched out for the purposes of a new bane on your city. Therefore, a guild leader must choose their spires wisely.

Name Effect Builder
Befuddling Spire Debuff ATK -25% to -50% R5
Wrathful Spire Debuff DEF -25% to -50% R5
Enfeebling Spire Debuff STR -30% to -60% R5
Confounding Spire Debuff DEX -30% to -60% R5
Confusing Spire Debuff Mana Recovery -57% to -99% R5
Wearying Spire Debuff Stamina Recovery -57% to -99% R5
Wounding Spire Debuff Health Recovery -57% to -99% R5
Distracting Spire Debuff INT -30% to -60% R5
Guileful Spire Decrease Passive DEF -30% to -100% R6
Chilling Spire Debuff Cold Resist -30 to -75 R6
Searing Spire Debuff Fire Resist -30 to -75 R6
Thundering Spire Debuff Lightning Resist -30 to -75 R6
Unholy Spire Debuff Holy Resist -30 to -75 R6
Spiteful Spire Debuff Attack Speed -25% to -75% R6
Watchful Spire No Hide nor Sneak R7
Grounding Spire No Fly R7
Binding Spire No Teleport R7
Warding Spire No Summon R7
Baleful Spire Debuff Power Damage -25% to -50% R7
Arcane Spire Debuff Melee Damage -25% to -50% R7



  • Keep a close watch for saboteurs gaining access to your city. In certain circumstances, this could change the tide of the entire bane.
  • Change the default name of your spire as soon as you can. An enemy that knows which spires you have will gain a tactical advantage.
  • During banes, keep a large amount of gold on your spires' strongboxes, or you may find them running dry when you least expect!
  • The most important thing you can do to defend your spires is to make sure they are ranked up so that they have a higher health value:
Rank Health Upgrade Cost
0 (building) 7,200 --
1 28,000 264,000 g
2 60,000 440,000 g
3 99,000 616,000 g
4 137,750 792,000 g
5 180,000 968,000 g
6 215,000 1,144,000 g
7 250,000 --


  • As a Wizard, a Binding Spire will prevent you from using Translocation, even for defensive purposes.
  • Have your scouts check out the city ahead of time. You don't want to bring a group of Vampires to a city with a Searing Spire!
  • If a city uses a Warding Spire, you may want to keep someone with Summon outside of the city grid.