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This page will document in-game rules.



  • Macros are allowed, but macros themselves may take predetermined actions and may not react to game circumstances. Example no auto-looting.
    • Related assets will be removed and account permanently suspended.
  • Key Cloning is not allowed
    • Key Cloning will result in permanent account suspension.

Collision Detection

  • Glitching through doors, walls or objects is not allowed.
    • Fist time offenders will result in short term (3-5 day suspension), repeat offenders will result in permanent account suspension.


  • Each player is allowed one active character in game at any time. Additional characters can be in-game, but must have death shroud applied through the supported launcher system.
    • Circumventing the Multi-Boxing policy will result in account suspension.


  • No racism or personal attacks.
    • Resulting in short term (3-5 day) account suspension.
  • No tampering or performing modifications to the launcher or game application files.
    • Tampering with launcher or game application files will result in permanent account suspension.
  • Trees planted in the water will be moved to an available position, this may not be within the same realm or location.
    • Don't plant in the water!
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