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Explorers who have learned all the secrets of earth and stone, Prospectors know how to manage mines, coaxing riches from the deeps.


So ... tired of earning gold through blood, are ye? There's an easier way -- look to the ground beneath your feet, and listen to its voices.

No one knows more of the deeps and the hidden wonders of the world than Thurin, the Shaper, father of the Dwarves. Some say that it was Braialla who fashioned this shattered globe of earth and stone, but only Thurin has ventured through every crack and cavern, touched every seam and vein of ore that waits unseen. Before the birth of Men or Elves Thurin carved the Dwarves from the bones of Aerynth. He taught them to listen to the groaning songs of the deep, and how to delve for hidden ore and gemstones.

And long did the Dwarves delve under the mountains, learning the ways of mines and seams. They ground metals from the bones of terrible things entombed in the rock, and learned to dam and divert the flows of Dragon's Blood that well out from the core of the world. And the greatest lords of the Dwarves learned the secrets of Sounding, how to hear within the ringing tone of a hammer on stone if precious things lay hidden under it, and how to shatter stones with words of power and songs of might.

For ages the Sons of Thurin kept these arts secret, leaving the peoples of the Roofless World to scratch what little iron or gold they could from the faces of the mountains. But in recent days everything has changed. The Dwarves are emerging from their holds, returning from their long exile in the deeps. They seek to rebuild the world, and they know that the scattered Nations will need gold, and stone, and other precious things to do it. They have taught their ancient secrets to new students, of many races, Prospectors who can take a mine and coax all Braialla's treasures from it. The Dwarvish Lords hoped the new sources of wealth and prosperity might lead the peoples of Aerynth to end their feuding, but I fear that all they've given us are new prizes to fight over.

So, you would toil and dig in the earth, and coax forth floods of gold and other treasures for your Nation? Aye, I can teach you everything. You'll need a good, sound hammer, and keen ears for the listening.

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