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Below, you will find a selection of user-created character templates for Priests. Character templates are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.



Centaur Priest

By Kris

From here.

Pic Kris

Character Creation:

In-Game Runes:

  • Legendary Constitution


Level 75 Stats:

  • STR: 40
  • DEX: 20
  • CON: 160
  • INT: 85
  • SPI: 105

Focus Skills:

  • Medium Armor ~ 100%
  • Block ~ 90 trains+ (Golded)
  • Restoration ~ 90 trains+ (Golded)
  • Theurgy ~ 90%
  • Benediction ~ 69%
  • Hammer ~ 25%

Powers and Abilities:

  • Sanction: GM
  • Grasp of the All-Father: GM
  • Tend the Wounded: GM
  • Incantation of Renunciation: GM
  • Sacred Healing: GM
  • Benediction of Healing: GM (refine this if you want other spells)
  • Divine Recovery 32 (refine this if you want other spells)
  • Sacred Rejuvenation: 8
  • Prayer of Recovery: 1
  • Benediction of Rejuvenation: 1

Possible Powers:

  • Banish the Darkness - if you see a bunch of necros around and want the +50 unholy resist buff
  • Theugy - if you want more stun atr
  • Mana Regen buff - 40 trains for an extra 15% mana regen. The only useful time for it is when you get grave chilled and mana denied and need to gain some mana before you can reconc or something.

That's about it :/. You can train Blessing of health but it isn't really worth it imho. It comes automatically at 20 which is a +40 con buff if you get hit with green death which has always sufficed for me.

Recommended Gear:

  • Resist Rings
  • Charmed of Gods Ammy
  • Resist of Gods Scepter
  • Elite Helm / Gloves
  • 10.5 resist gear (Don't spread resists)
  • Resist / +3 passive shield

Flying Healer of Death!

By Malek

Author's Comments
This is the Primary Group Healer and Stun User. Stick with your group at all times. You do no Offensive Damage. You do have a Root, remember it, and use it. This and Stun are the only Indirect Offensive Spells you will use, and you will use them Often. Remember that you have a free Poison Dispel, which can be used on yourself and Others. Use it. Also remember Empowered Healing is granted Free with one train, use it.

Character Creation:

  • Aracoix
  • Healer
  • Priest's Acolyte
  • Faith of the Age
  • Taint of Madness

In-Game Runes:

Level 75 Stats:

  • CON: 105
  • INT: 80
  • SPI: 145
  • DEX: Minimum
  • STR: Minimum

Focus Skills:

  • Restoration ~ Gold
  • Theurgy ~ 90 Trains
  • Benediction ~ 69% (For Summon)
  • Block ~ 95% and then leftovers.
  • Medium Armor 77% (Resist loss is minimal, a nice amount of TP gained)
  • Hammer ~ 38% (For Gilded Scepter)

Powers and Abilities:

  • Tend the Wounded ~ 40
  • Divine Recovery ~ 40
  • Prayer of Recovery ~ 40
  • Prayer of Mending ~ 40
  • Psalm of Sanction ~ 40
  • Blessed Mending ~ 20 (Required for Tend the Wounded)
  • Sanction ~ 15 (Required for Psalm of Sanction)
  • Sacred Healing ~ 8 (Required for Benediction of Healing)
  • Sacred Rejuvenation ~ 8
  • Benediction of Healing ~ 1
  • Benediction of Rejuvenation ~ 1
  • Blight of Chaos ~ 1 (Based off Restoration, root breaker)

Secondary Spec:

  • 20 Points into the HoT
  • 20 Points into the stam heal.

Recommended Gear:

  • 10 Intelligence/Spirit and +30 Resist Rings
  • 20/20/20 Resist/+5 All (Charmed of Power)
  • 30 Resist/+5 All Gilded Scepter
  • 4/4 Resist/40 HP Armor
  • 40 Stam/40 HP Gloves
  • 40 Stam/15% Run Speed MA 100% Boots
  • Passive Defensive + 3/30 Resist Shield
  • Runed Healer Cowl of Fate (Aracoix useable Healer Based Hood Mana/Regen/Spr)

Cent Heal Priest

By BlueOreo

I'm convinced this is the best centaur heal/stun priest I've made so far. I'll let everyone else judge though. After reading your template, I really think this would serve you best, but it's a personal preference thing too, so I'm sure you'll do some tweaking.

Base Stats
CON 150
INT 145
SPI 67

Kir Fallenleaf

Double Resist Rings
Charmed Carcanet of the Gods
Hematite Gilded Scepter of the Gods
Healer Helm
Truewoven/Trushaped of HP armor

Blessed Mending 40
Grasp of the All-Father 1
Prayer of Haste 40
Prayer of Mending 40
Divine Recovery 40
Sacred Healing 31
Sacred Rejuvenation 8
Sanction 40
Benediction of Healing 25
Benediction of Rejuvenation 1
Psalm of Sanction 1
Prayer of Recovery 36 (shoulda been GM'd months ago, just keep forgetting/lazy)

It's true that I occasionally miss not having MR, but the decreased down times and increased % on putting those points into my % heals has definitely made up for it. Enjoy!

Stun Priest

By ToiletGel

More or less for a spec, already have plenty of heals in the group; thoughts?

Both Cons and Precise

200 con 160base + 40 con
70 int
? spirit leftovers...

Gold Focus
Gold Toughness
Gold Block
7% MA
38% Hammer
78% restoration

GM AOE stun
GM Single Target Stun
GM single %
GM grp %
GM Run Buff

JM Sanc %
JM Harden
JM CW Debuff
JM CW Simeron's Song

Can drop mr if it's point tight but don't think it should be due to the low int.

Thinking a tank with 15 second stuns, high block, high 6k hp buffed, live in precise. Go all resist or focus jewels, 12 int focus scepter.

So work or not, what would the atr be like?

Aracoix Heal Priest

By Station

From here.

Aracoix + int rune. Fill int spr and con.
77% ma (or 100 if you're spicy).
Gold Restoration
Theurgy to 63% for Sanction or 97% for Psalm of Sanction (stuns are kinda optional and player-pref... 33% for just MR).
40 Blessed Purity
40 Blessed Mending
32 Divine Recovery
40 Prayer of Recovery
40 Prayer of Mending
Benediction for Summon
8 in single %s to unlock grp %s
95% block or better
Hammer to 38%

Disclaimer: The above is a very simple and quick overview of a typical priest - actual values may vary. Proceed with extreme caution. kkthx

Malant the Elflord - Dwarf Heal Priest

By Malant

Nothing too special about this template, but I'll go ahead and post my template.

Wizard's Apprentice
Brilliant Mind
Intelligence of the Gods
Constitution of the Gods

End Game Stats:
40 Strength
20 Dexterity
175 Constitution
130 Intelligence
46 Spirit

Bellugh Nuathal Elite Healer Helm
+4+4+2 100% MA Arms, Gloves, Chest and Leggings
+4+4+15% Movement 100% MA Boots
Charmed of Mastermind Amulet
2x Abomination of Mastermind Rings
+35 Light +3 Passive Def. Shield
Peerless of Truth 44% Throwing Hammer

69% Benediction for Summon
95% Block
100% MA
140%ish Toughness
GM Blessed Mending (Single Target Heal)
GM Prayer of Mending (Group Heal)
GM Sacred Healing (Single Target % Heal)
1 Pt Benediction of Healing (Group % Heal)
GM Prayer of Recovery (Group HoT)
8 Pts. Sacred Rejuvenation (Single Target Stam. Heal)
1 pt Benediction of Rejuvenation (Group Stam. Heal)
32 pt Divine Recovery (Single Target HoT)
JM Harden Armor
JM Simeron's Song (Group Dwarf +15% Pwr. Dmg. Chant)
GM Shaper's Sanction (-50% Holy Debuff)

That's basically the gist of the template; I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

Dwarf Priest

By Drix

Tough as Nails
Wizzy's Apprentice

In Game:
Con. of the Gods
Int. of the gods

Final Stats at 75:
175 con
125 int
42 spi


With Siege Bonus:
1274 MANA

Mid 1200 MANA

Fully buffed he has 177 block, JM FM Harden, JM Clanwarden Simeron's Song, 1pt Clanwarden Ground

GM single percent. 1 point group percent--8 pts single stam 1 point group stam

FM harden-Clanwarden's Simeron's and ground

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

Amulet of the Dragon
10 to all, 27 to all resist

Ring of Khryqoul
6 to all, 23 to all resist

12int 35holy ring

3 passive, 35 magic shield

24 int sceptre

The Quintessential Human Buffbot

By Halethrain

I've been receiving a few private messages about my old Healings of Vengeance template that can no longer be found on the forums, so I thought I'd put an updated template up for everyone. Some of this may be obvious to people now, but this template is literally as old as the first day humans got their extra trains.

Healer - Priest
Brilliant Mind
Born of Iryndu*

Final Statistics - At level 73
150-160 INT
100-110 CON
100 SPI

Stat and Discs to take:
-Intelligence of the Gods

Medium Armor: 77%
Block: 95%
Restoration: 115%
Benediction: 85%

Blessing of Strength: 20
Blessing of Health: 20
Blessing of Dexterity: 20
Blessed Alacrity: 40
Blessed Purity: 40
Blessed Protection: 40
Prayer of Protection: 40
Prayer of Haste: 40
Prayer of Might: 40
Prayer of Vitality: 40
Prayer of Agility: 40

Blessed Mending: 40
Prayer of Mending: 20-40**
Divine Recovery: 32
Prayer of Recovery: ~10
Blessed Restoration: 8
Benediction of Restoration: 1
Blessed Rejuvination: 8
Benediction of Rejuvination: 1
Grasp of the All-Father: 1

Sanctify the Fallen: 1
Recall to Runegate: 5

*Born of Iryndu, while technically a net loss of 7 points is one of those cases where it's up to personal preference. You'll be able to squeeze a 10-15 con rune on without it which will give you 100-150 more con. The return on con is so low I just don't find this to be worth while any longer.

**Extra points go into Prayer of Mending and Prayer of Recovery

Q: What will my heals roughly be?
A: If you are wearing all resist gear and having bard buffs you will have 179-474 with blessed mending, 248-655 with Prayer of Mending, and 128-256 with Prayer of Recovery

Q: Why do you have more points into Prayer of Mending than Prayer of Recovery?
A: The reasoning behind this is because this toon is not designed to replace a heal priest. This is a purely supplemental toon which best utilizes the extra points a human attains. Your blessed and prayer of mending are more important if a dedicated heal priest is using his better prayer of recovery.

Q: What type of jewelry should I be using?
A: I'm a resist fanatic personally, but wearing resist/intelligence gear would not be a horrible idea on this template. If you are playing on the lore server you should be creating a large stock of resist jewelry for every occasion. The lore charters make it especially easy to slide into a perfect set of resist gear for every fight.

Q: What is the exact purpose of this toon?
A: A buffbot/healer, as mentioned above, is not intended to replace a heal priest. This toon is designed to be used as a second account or as an emergency backup healer. The best way to use it is to leave it outside of the battle and run it in either when all other priests are dead or your primary toon has died.

Dwarf Heal/Stun/Ground

By _alex_

Wizard's Apprentice
Brilliant Mind
Intelligence of the Gods

130 INT
131 CON
95 SPI


646 Pracs:

90 Restoration
90 Block
80 Theurgy
69% Benediction (28 Pracs)
38% Hammer (6 Pracs)
100% Medium Armor (62 Pracs)
24 Toughness

40 Blessed Mending
40 Prayer of Mending
32 Divine Recovery
40 Prayer of Recovery
40 Sanction
1 Psalm of Sanction
8 Sacred Healing
8 Sacred Rejuvenation
1 Benediction of Healing
1 Benediction of Rejuvenation
1 Grasp of the All-Father
1 Sanctifiy the Fallen
20 Harden Armor
20 Grasp of Thurin
1 Dwarvish Wrath
20 Simeron's Song


Elite Helm
4/4/2 Armor
Resist Jewelry
+3 PD Resist Shield
+150 ATR Resist Scepter


Is supposed to run with a Mino GA Barb, a Bardbot and a Priestbot. Viable template? Any major flaws?

Centaur Heal/Stun Priest

By _alex_

I'm currently building the same char, cent healer/stunner for mines/banes.


[x] Legendary (35) INT
[x] Exceptional (10) CON
[x] Sanctifier
[x] Darksworn

[x] 140 INT
[x] 130 CON
[x] 86 SPI


646 Pracs:

[x] 90 Restoration
[x] 90 Block
[x] 85 Theurgy
[x] 69% Benediction (26 Pracs)
[x] 38% Hammer (4 Pracs)
[x] 100% Medium Armor (60 Pracs)

[x] 40 Blessed Mending
[x] 40 Prayer of Mending
[x] 32 Divine Recovery
[x] 40 Prayer of Recovery
[x] 40 Prayer of Haste
[x] 40 Blessed Purity
[x] 40 Sanction
[x] 1 Psalm of Sanction
[x] 8 Sacred Healing
[x] 8 Sacred Rejuvenation
[x] 1 Benediction of Healing
[x] 1 Benediction of Rejuvenation
[x] 1 Grasp of the All-Father
[x] 1 Sanctify the Fallen
[x] 1 Sacred Restoration
[x] 1 Healthdrain


[x] Helm: Elite Healer (Bellugh Nuathal Helm)
[ ] Breast: 4/4/40 (Truewoven of Ymir)
[ ] Arms: 4/4/40 (Truewoven of Ymir)
[ ] Gloves: 4/4/40 (Truewoven of Ymir)
[ ] Barding: 4/4/40 (Truewoven of Ymir)
[ ] Greaves: 4/4/40 (Truewoven of Ymir)
[x] Scepter: 150 ATR 15 Holy (Avatar's Gilded Scepter of Divine Shadow)
[x] Shield: +3 PD 30 Fire 95% (Greatwyrm's Shield of Defense)
[ ] Amu: 20 Fire/Ice/Light 15 Holy (Charmed Amulet of Divine Shadow)
[x] Ring 1: 30 Light 15 Holy (Heimnir's Ring of Divine Shadow)
[x] Ring 2: 30 Holy 15 Holy (Apostate's Ring of Divine Shadow)

Dwarf Heal Priest: CW/FM/Sanct

By _keth_

Can someone check this template and see if I've missed something obvious? I'm assuming I'll be grouped with buff-bots. Purpose here is survivability under the Lore Server rules (Dwarf-only charter).

Creation Runes Taken: Brilliant Mind, Wizard's Apprentice
Disciplines: Forge Master, Clanwarden, Sanctifier
Additional Runes: Int +35

Strength: Lowest
Dexterity: Lowest
Constitution: 130
Intelligence: 125
Spirit: 100

Wear Armor, Medium: 100% (for elite healer Helm)
Toughness: 90%
Block: 95%
Benediction: 69%
Theurgy: 33%
Restoration: 130%
Hammer: 38%

Priest/Healer Powers:
20 GM Blessed Mending
40 GM Prayer of Mending
5 pts Grasp of the All-Father
32 Divine Recovery (Heal over Time)
15 Prayer of Recovery (Group Heal over Time)
40 GM Blessed Purity
8 Sacred Healing ST %
1 Prayer of Sacred Healing Group %
8 Sacred Rejuvenation ST %
1 Prayer of Rejuvenation Group %
40 GM Prayer of Haste

Discipline Powers:
FM: 20 Harden Armor
CW: 20 Grasp of Thurin (ground flyers)
Sanctifier: 1 pt Sanctify the Fallen (wash death shroud)
Sanctifier: 1 pt Sacred Reinforcement (building only – HoT)

Jewelry will be resist gear, not int. I've thought of 77% Drakescale to reduce points, but I am currently favoring the elite helm.

I'd like to have ST % GM'd for the 3 min. recast. In a good Dwarf group; I can cast it 2-3 times. BM on a Dwarf mêlée character is next to useless (thus it's dropped to 20). I just don't see how I can get the points to GM ST% without overly sacrificing survivability. Am I counting the points right?

Constructive criticism welcome.

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