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Crowd control (often abbreviated CC) are a category of powers that hinder a target's ability to move or act.

Crowd Control Effects

Blockdrain cam.png Power Block

A power block (often abbreviated "PB") is a type of crowd control that prevents the target from using any powers or skills. This effect is most often found with weapon powers. All power blocks include a brief power block immunity to prevent chaining power blocks over and over.

Root cam.png Root

Root abilities prevent horizontal movement and are broken if the target receives any damage after they are cast. Roots bypass defense and usually have a long duration.

Snare cam.png Snare

Snares reduce a target's horizontal movement speed by a flat percentage.

Stun cam.png Stun

Main article: stun

Stuns prevent a creature from attacking, avoiding attacks via Passive Defense, casting powers, and from moving horizontally. All stuns include stun immunity to prevent chaining stuns over and over.

Mob-Only Crowd Control

The following spell types only work on mobs and pets summoned by players.

Amnesia cam.png Amnesia

Amnesia spells clear a creature's hate list, usually rendering them docile. If a player is still in the mob's awareness radius or uses an ability on it after the fact, it will attack as normal.

Charm cam.png Charm

Charm spells allow the caster to take control of the target mob as if it were their summoned pet. Charm spells often have mob level or type restrictions.

Fear cam.png Fear

Fear abilities and enchantments cause the target mob to run the opposite direction of the source until the effect wares off.

Lull cam.png Lull

Lull spells and abilites reduce the awareness radius of mobs. This can enable a player to pass by a mob unnoticed. Lulls have no effect on mobs which are already attacking.

Mes cam.png Mesmerize

Mesmerize is an effect that forbids the target from taking any actions. Mesmerize spells work exactly like stuns except that they usually last longer, do not provide immunity, and are interrupted if the mesmerized creature takes damage. A creature that is immune to stun is also immune to mesmerize.

Frenzy cam.png Taunt

Taunt abilities force the target creature to attack the caster by placing them at the top of its hate list.