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The Secrets of Power Maintenance Patch (patch 3.5) was added to Shadowbane on August 25th, 2004.

General Changes
  • Specific resistant-based Damage Absorbers will now only be affected by those damage types (i.e., a Fire Damage Absorber will only be effected by Fire-based attacks)
  • Implemented additional data integrity safeguards within the server back-up process
  • The Wind Bow has been fixed and uses Dexterity as it's main Attribute
  • Bow attacks report just the block and not also a miss with passive defense
  • You will no longer have your fingers dislocated when you wear Heavy Studded Leather Gloves
  • Character creation will no longer hang if a first name isn't entered
  • The Poison Effect from creatures must now be dispelled by a Level 40 Antidote spell
  • Crimson Circle Gloves have found their enchantments
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the server to crash
  • Added new Loading Screens that replace the Tunnel of Death and Teleportation
World Changes
  • The Mountains of the Giants adventuring zone content has been enhanced
  • Shuggroth M'ael now has an anti-theft protection plan
  • Creatures that drop Elite Armor pieces have been given unique names to make it easier to find the creature carrying the item you want
  • The Bursar's Tent in Khar Th'Sekt is no longer being levitated by the Dragon's will
  • Brigands at the Burnt Village will no longer hide under a building (the cowards!)
City & Siege Changes
  • Increased the maximum distance from a city that a Bane Circle can be placed
  • The ability to redeed hirelings has been implemented and can be found on the Hireling Window. **Note that redeeding a Hireling will remove a Rank of that Hireling's skill and will not carry it's inventory with it.
  • Placing Errants on the Kill On Sight list should now remain after server resets
  • The Friends List on Siege Spires is now persistent after server restarts
  • Siege Spire Effects of different ranks will now stack with each other
  • The Artillery Captain contracts have been updated to place them at Rank One
  • Feudal Personal Housing buildings now have rank icons
  • Low Level Spires have had their hit points decreased
Resource System
  • The guild banner of the last guild to claim a mine will now display in the Local Map
  • The Seneschal now gives more information on the minimum balance a warehouse must have in the withdrawal window
  • When a guild holding mines pledges to another guild holding mines, the new nation that is formed can no longer have more mines than the nation limit allows
  • The Mine Towers have been adjusted with reduced cost to upgrade, reduced cost to upgrade Harvesters and Guards, and only take 20 hours now per Rank instead of 24
Racial Changes
  • All Aelfborn have been granted the power "Wildkin's Chase" at Level 15 which has a snare immunity that lasts for a maximum of 180 seconds and has a 900 second recast timer
  • Increased the Half-Giants' maximum intelligence to 85 and their cold resistance to +10
  • All Half-Giants are now granted Athletics at Level 10
Class Changes
  • Rage is now Skill-Based and can therefore be used while in Stealth without breaking the effect
  • Rogue-Barbarians are granted the Medium Armor skill
  • The Stamina Drain on the Templar's Power "Cleansing Flame" is now fire-based
  • The Stamina Drain on the Wizard's "Mystic Bolt" is now magic-based
Discipline Changes
  • The Dark Knight's 'Intimidate' now has an effect and animation attached to it
  • Prospectors can no longer go Invisible or be granted Immunity through a Bard's song while in Prospecting Stance
  • The Prospector Runestone has had it's mouse over updated
  • The Thrall Master has remembered how to "Go Back" on his dialogue

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